Monday, July 19, 2010

Nothing much

Training this week will defintely be on the low-key side, due to my non-functioning schnoz. I find intense cardio difficult with a breathing handicap, and as you know, my weights workouts are already somewhat subdued.

There's the lack of sleep (due to the nose issues) to deal with too, so I'm cutting myself some slack. If all I manage for the next few days is a morning walk, I won't be feeling guilty.

Oh, last Thursday's physio session was a shocker. He gently poked at my right forearm and I almost jumped off the table. Then we had a repeat of the same behaviour when he attempted to assess my left shoulder. So he stuck a bloody great needle in each spot and went off and left me for a good ten minutes - which seemed like an hour. By that time, the pain from the needle in my right elbow was referring down to my wrist and I was extremely relieved when he came back into the room and pulled it out.

I'm expecting this week's session to be a bit less unpleasant. Fingers crossed.

Dull post today, but to quote Peter Cundall: That's yer lot for today!


LizN said...

not much for me this next week either kiddo, couch, DVD and no wines? lol


Unknown said...

I had needles stuck in my legs and foot in the earlier stages of plantar fasciitis. I insisted that Stevie ( myotherapist) stay with me and tell me his life history- I'm such a princess- I needed the distraction!! lol
Hope your 'bits' are feeling much better soonxx

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