Thursday, July 01, 2010

R & R

I've been on leave since last Friday and yet somehow still haven't found the time to blog. Hmm. I have, however done the following:

- Scrubbed both bathrooms till they gleamed. Which is a total waste of my time and energy, since the kids will make a disgusting mess again in no time, but hey, even I have minimum standards.
- Taken my boys out for lunch. Do they ever outgrow Macca's?
- Read a book.
- Sorted out the linen cupboard, including stacking tea towels, flannels and other small items in baskets to keep them tidy, and labelling the shelves. Yes, I am an obsessive neat freak.
- Finally got my elbows and shoulder scanned.
- Had a long bubble bath. With champagne.
- Watched a couple of movies.
- Tested out my dodgy hip with a bit of running and HALLELUJAH! It's fine....
- Cooked lots of warm winter food.
- Stayed in bed till after 8:30am every day.

I'm beginning to feel rested and recharged, which of course is the whole point of a holiday. That's all good, but I have stuff I need to get done, so tomorrow I plan to write a to-do list and steadily work through it over the next week. It's mostly pretty dull stuff (make a hairdresser appointment, ring our super fund to clarify something, chase up the builder again about an outstanding job, things like that). But amongst it, I have one or two things to blog about. I just need to sit down and do it.

Maybe I better add that to the list.


Casey said...

I'm soo steaking your champagne bubble bath idea for my holidays. IN my new bath too.
Glad ur starting to relax.

Vix said...

Ooohhh the rest sounds lovely Kek...just what the Dr ordered! In saying that, I am not sure exactly how much rest you have had - you kinda still sound like you have been busy!!
Enjoy your time off x

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