Thursday, July 29, 2010

The spice of life

Who knew you could get so excited over a simple pork steak? Or some sauteed onion? Or a couple of eggs?

Those were today's tested foods, along with an apple. And I had no noticable reaction. Phew. Although maybe I should wait for the onion to work its way through my digestive system a bit more before I start celebrating... I'm loving having (a little) variety back in my meals.

Tomorrow's lot will be chicken (safe, I'm sure), mushrooms, walnuts and green tea. I'm soooo looking foward to that cuppa!

I'm obviously a sad, sad caffeine addict. Twice this week I've stepped into the gourmet tea and coffee shop opposite the supermarket and just stood there inhaling. I don't think the staff noticed. :)

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