Sunday, July 18, 2010

Uh... OK, then.

It’s Friday night and we’re watching “Chaos” on DVD with the kids.

Me: Oh that’s Ryan Phillippe.

Bike Boy: Who?

Me: You know, he was married to... er... whatsername?

Bike Boy: No, that’s Jason Statham, remember – he was in "Snatch".

Me: *directs a withering look at Bike Boy* NO, I’m talking about Pretty Boy there. Ryan Phillippe. You know, he was married to ...oh, what’s her name...?

The Middle Child: Maybe he was married to Shut Up And Watch The Movie?

Me: Reece Witherspoon, that’s who it was.


Unknown said...

ROFL! And omg I'm so stealing 'he was married to Shut Up And Watch The Movie' for the next time the parentals are quarrelling.

Hanni said...

Classic hehehe!

Cherub said...

We're not allowed to BREATHE during movies in our house and crunching food.....!

Kathryn said...

Ha ha, sounds like my son!

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