Friday, July 16, 2010

What would you do?

You receive your end of semester school report and it's less than glowing, especially in the behaviour department. "Easily distracted", "Makes inappropriate comments", "has failed to complete all work", "Disruptive", "Homework tasks not handed in". Oh, crap.

It's the last day of term, with two weeks of holidays stretching ahead of you. You know that your parents' favourite punishment is withdrawal of computer privileges. Two weeks of holidays and no Facebook, no online games, no Youtube, no ipod downloads...?

Hmm, what does a 14 year old do? You "accidentally" leave the report in your locker of course. Phew. School holiday disaster averted.

He might be overly social, a bit cheeky and with a tendency to laziness, but nobody said he was lacking in smarts.


Anonymous said...

He he he! Smart boy there! At our school we have started to avoid this problem by posting out reports to parents. I bet your boy is hoping his school doesn't implement this policy ;)

Shar said...

Funny Kek, very clever.

Same as Rene, at my eldest(14)school they are posted out....... straight into my little hands for viewing!!! *insert wicked laugh*

Kek said...

Well, he only postponed the inevitable. Besides, when he told me he'd "forgotten" to bring home the report, I knew exactly what it was going to say.

I've been a parent too long to fall for that one. ;)

Cinders said...

hmmm, he needs to hang out with my 15yo niece, sounds like they've been separated at birth.

sallyb said...

Hahaha!! At least he figured he might be able to enjoy his holidays without being reminded of his misdemeanours. Back where I used to work, kids wouldn't show up to collect their reports - and often their parents didn't either; denial all round!!

Magda said...

A chip off the old block maybe ?????

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