Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Cinderella report

The ball was a lot of fun - I forget how much fun dressing up and going out is sometimes. In winter, it's so much easier to stay home, parked on the couch in my pjs with a DVD and my boys to keep me company. But making an effort not to be a boring old fart is usually worth it.

It was a big corporate event with 2000 bods packed into the Crown Palladium room. I went with my best friend, who works for the company throwing the shindig - my old employer. I had a lot of fun going up to people I worked with ten or more years ago, calling them by name and then watching their face as they desperately searched their memories trying to place this blonde woman who was accosting them. I had dark, DARK hair back then and most of them remember me as a lot *ahem* larger.

There was dancing, and more dancing...and I have the blisters to prove it. And WHY is the damn Crown car park so far away from the function rooms? Not cool, Crown, when you have to totter all that distance in your silly high heels. Not to mention negotiating your way across slippery tiled floors through the throngs of people buying deep fried takeaway crap in the food court early on a Saturday evening. There we were in our ball gowns, being jostled by hordes of bogans in trackie dacks. I was tempted to shout "Out of the way, plebs! Can't you SEE we're important people?!"

I'd normally wear my hair up for an event like this, but I had it chopped seriously short a couple of weeks ago, so I just told my hairdresser to blow wave it and do what she could. She got busy with the curling iron and her magic hands, and somehow I ended up looking like I had a lot more hair than I actually do. It was a shame to sleep on it and ruin all her good work.

And just because you're dressed all posh, doesn't mean you can't act like a fool:

Ah well, back to reality, housework (and trackie dacks) for me today.


ss2306 said...

You look gorgeous! Love the hair and the being silly. What's life if you can't act up in a frock and heels?

Kathryn said...

Stunning! I really like your hair, it's posh and fancy but still soft. Great work on the outfit. I so know what you mean about winter.

Kerry W said...

Whoops! Put my comments in the wrong

It is great isn't it to get out and let your down and see how 'the other people' live it up?! I'm a bit like you...get complacent and am rather comfortable sitting at home in my jimmy-jams watching a DVD under a snug blanket.
Sounds like you had a great time Kek, and I think the surprised looks on people's faces is worth all of the trouble you went to!
Your hair looks great BTW - it was hard to see in the last photo you posted.

Shar said...

Sounds like fun was had!!

Looking great aswell!!

Shar x

LizN said...

You look gorgeous - and I bet it was fun whilst you were there. Then I bet the tracky dacks today were bliss xxox

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