Saturday, August 14, 2010

Get over yourself!

This week has been insane. I've been overworked and overwhelmed, and it is ALL MY OWN FAULT, because WHY DID I SAY YES TO WORKING AT THE STUPID FEDERAL ELECTION, when I SWORE I WASN'T GOING TO DO IT THIS TIME. So when the Returning Officer rang me and practically begged me to PLEASE COME AND HELP US, BECAUSE WE NEED EXPERIENCED PEOPLE and WE WILL PAY YOU MONEY.... instead of the words Sorry, no way! coming out of my mouth, I heard myself saying: Where, and which position? And now I have homework to do and a briefing session to attend and the setting up the polling place deal on Friday, plus a grindingly long 15-16 hour day on Saturday to look forward to.

Sheesh. I don't need the cash that badly, I just feel bad letting people down. Learn to say no, Kek....

Anyway, apart from that, Bike Boy has been travelling again, I've been at the office for long hours daily, doing my thing (yawn), I have clients to take care of, I'm in the middle of reorganising the house, and I've taken on some projects that I don't actually have time for, but oh well....

So the stress has been building all week, and then yesterday I spent the day in excruciating pain from my neck and shoulder after a spectacularly gruesome physio visit on Thursday, and got all sulky and sooky and had a big pity party about it all. The evening started with tears and ended with red wine. It's amazing how when you're stressed and in pain, your thoughts and emotions can go all haywire and end up in some completely illogical place.

But I'm taking steps:

1. Take the goddamn prescription anti-inflammatories. And some analgesics.
2. Ice the sore bits. Moron. You know this!
3. Talk to the doc on Friday at my next review appointment. What else can I try - Sports doc? Some alternative treatment? Do I need some time off to give things a rest?
4. Get on the phone on Monday and give my office HR people hell for not providing me with the chair the occupational therapist recommended TWO MONTHS AGO. I don't care what staffing problems they're having and who lost my file (or whatever).

That's what I need - an action plan.

Right now, I'm off to IKEA again for some retail therapy - that always helps. :)


Kathryn said...

Ikea again :)

It's so hard to say no to things. I think I'm good at it and I am in some areas but there are other areas that I'm still learning.

Charlotte Orr said...

Tell me about it - I did two jobs this week because I couldn't say 'no' when someone rang me about the second one. Hope you had a good time at Ikea!

LizN said...

I don't know, I think I'd rather do a Fed Election than make something from IKEA (I'm hopeless when I go there )


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