Thursday, August 19, 2010

J'apprends le français

Remember last pay day, I said I was going to shout myself a present? Yeah, completely forgot about that...

Anyway, two weeks later, Debstar's post jogged my memory and I finally remembered that I need to order myself some French language CDs.

Yep, I'm brushing up my very rusty French skills, because:

1. I learned the language in high school, back in the middle ages. I was pretty good at it, and can actually remember a lot of it, although my pronunciation is appalling.

2. We have major travel plans when we retire - which is fast approaching (yay!) - and I figure it would be useful if one of us can muddle through at least one European language.

3. I loathe my drive to and from work; it's a completely wasted hour at the beginning and end of each day. So I figure that instead of screaming abuse at the idiots trying to kill me every day, I can make better use of the time by getting in some French practice. At the very least, I can learn to swear in French. I'm sure it sounds far more elegant...

I just ordered myself the very basic Pimsleur basic CD set, so hopefully by next Tuesday I'll have the car CD player loaded and ready to go.


Cherub said...

Just yesterday I started listening to an audio book in the car. Loving it! Mobile PT means much time in the car - no longer wasted!

And waiting to pick the kids up at kiss and drop - I hated the shuffle up the line when strictly you shouldn't be reading. Problem solved, audio book!!

Enjoy the CD's.

Magda said...

Bon chance Miss Kek. (I too did French for 5 years in high school. In Paris some 15 or so years ago, at least I could order us ham salad rolls LOL).

LizN said...

I would love to learn another language - so enjoy :) Au revoir!!

ss2306 said...

Awesome! Someone to practice with :)

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