Sunday, August 08, 2010

Relaxing weekend? Ha!

Did Spring come early this year, or what? Because, apart from the magnificent sunny weather yesterday (and so far today - touch wood it hangs around!), personal training enquiries have gone nuts this past week. I've been furiously answering emails and phone calls and thinking to myself: Did I fall asleep and miss August?

As well as being busy with work, it's been one of those weeks where you're on the run constantly, and at some point you pause and realise you committed to way more than you really have time for. The house is in disarray after another mammoth shopping spree at IKEA yesterday, we had a 50th birthday party to attend last night, and today there's a family reunion on. University open days are in full swing and The Middle Child needs to do the rounds - starting today. That's Bike Boy's department, but the usual weekend washing and ironing still has to be attended to and I have to make a flying visit to the supermarket this morning if we actually want to eat over the next few days.

I might be absent for a bit while I catch up...

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