Thursday, August 05, 2010

Three things I like about Thursdays

Yes, today is THURSDAY and that means....

1. PHYSIO TORTURE! Yay. I'd like to be able to turn my head to the left sometime soon. Driving's kind of a challenge at the moment.

2. It also means PAYDAY! Yay. I'm going to buy myself a little present. Something to do with self-improvement/education. I'll tell you all about it later.

3. And it means THE END OF MY WORKING WEEK! Yay. Fridays off are ace.

Oops. Make that FOUR things.... I almost forgot that this particular Thursday is the day Bike Boy comes home from a four-day work trip. Yay. I hate being a single parent. I have to be both the good cop and the bad cop. That sucks - I'm always the good cop.

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Cherub said...

Enjoy your day. I'm at physio too. I hope she doesn't make me cry!

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