Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bad mood begone!

Bad moods have been in abundance in blogland this week, it seems. Mine has been a doozy.

Monday morning I woke up feeling perfectly OK, but after a disturbed night I crawled out of bed on Tuesday not knowing whether I wanted to cry or hit somebody. In fact, I swung from one to the other all day. I found myself close to tears several times over absolutely nothing, and must have muttered MOTHERf*cker! under my breath at my computer about a million times. My colleagues wisely kept their distance....

The frequent hot flushes - which added an extra dimension of fun - told me it was hormonal, so at least I knew I wasn't going completely mental.

The grey, cold, grim weather did not help one bit. It's supposed to be Spring... so come ON, Mother Earth.... where's the sunshine and (slightly) warmer temperatures?

And from Tuesday to Thursday the pain from my neck and right arm was building towards unbearable. I was trying very hard to count my blessings, but it was tough. A physio session on Thursday helped a bit - and so did the glass of Obi Wan.

Finally, today things seem to have equalised. I still didn't sleep brilliantly, but woke up to bright sunshine and a calm and optimistic outlook. Thank goodness. Of course, it's still freezing and the wind is blowing a gale from the north, but at least looking out from inside the house it seems more Spring-like.

I'm going to brave the wind and go for a walk shortly, then do some upper body rehab work. Then I have plans to tackle some more of my re-loved furniture projects this afternoon. Transforming some shabby old piece of junk into a beautiful feature piece is very therapeutic.

That was a bit of a rambling post, but hey; it's been that kind of week.

How can you be in a bad mood when you have this calm and peaceful view from your window?

Ignore the ratty plants. Tiger grass and cannas aren't fond of Melbourne's winter, but they're shooting like mad and will look fabulous again shortly.


LizN said...

Here's to feeling better Princess Leia :)

Pauline Wiles said...

Your outdoor space is lovely! I do hope spring helps you tip the balance of your mood. I've had a couple of minor meltdowns recently, too, but have absolutely no excuse, as it's still very much summer here in California.

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