Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Complaints? Don't mess with me.

I didn't intend for my previous post to sound like a big whinge. A little one, maybe... It's my decision and I'm fine with it (well, -ish). Short term pain for the greater good and all that.

Besides, thanks to flexible working arrangements and generous leave provisions, I've had almost every second Friday off, plus a week at Easter and two weeks in July in the school holidays. And I still have Cup week off, and five weeks from Christmas to look forward to. Nine day fortnights and nine weeks' leave a year? Not complaining about that.

I am complaining about this, though:

Remember those French language CDs I was going to order? Well, I did, way back on the 19th August. Is there any sign of them yet? Nuh-uh. Have I heard from the retailer, explaining the delay? Nope. Have they answered any of the three messages I sent via their website, requesting an update on the status of my order? Noooo. And this is in spite of their shipping policy, which states that goods will be despatched the same day if payment is received before 2:00pm, or the next day if received later.

They don't have a phone number on their site, and they're not in the white pages. Hmmm. They DO have an ABN and appear to be legit. I'm assuming that the item is out of stock and that their customer service skills are extremely crappy. But I'm hopping mad that they have my $49.50 and almost a month later, I have zero, zip, zilch to show for it.

I faxed them a letter of demand last week, and still no contact from them. So I've lodged a complaint with Consumer Affairs, who are now looking into it.

Take that, you #$@^!


Magda said...

sounds like me latest (and incidentally my first) purchase from eBay. Payment made and no goods received (a book: Sweet Poison: Quit Plan) and no emails being answered. have lodged my complaint with paypal. not happy Jan. hope i get my money back :-(

Debstar said...

Stupid company must not understand the concept that a happy client will tell one person but an unhappy client will tell 10. Now that we have the internet an unhappy client can tell way more than just 10 people.

LizN said...

ooh that sounds dodgy. I've got my fingers crossed for you. xoxox

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