Thursday, September 23, 2010

Help me, Obikwa. You're my only hope.

Bad week, long story, need wine.

* I should note that this particular bottle of wine was opened last Friday. Such restraint!

** Excuse the pitiful Photoshop skills. I blame the rubbish new version that I simply cannot figure out how to use.


LizN said...

Hilarious! There's something in the water. I call it PMS :( REstraint indeedy :)

Magda said...

oh you too. this week has been the pits and I'm eagerly awaiting the silver lining to the clouds.

Debstar said...

Australian wines, girl! We have enough of them that you never need to bother with the overseas stuff.

Blame it on the moon.

Kek said...

But Deb, it was a toofer! (Two for the price of one...)

Debstar said...

Oh.....well....that's OK then.

Flea said...

Hey, haven't read your blog for aaages coz I was just pissed off and jealous at all your success, but I saw you again on Frankie's and thought to pop in and say I was here.
Good to see you still around, I'm still envious and fat :-(

C'mon summer :-))) Hope you are well!
Been sitting with a neck problem as well for ages now, been in a car crash of all things.

Kek said...

Haha, Flea! Nothing to be jealous of here... nothing at all being achieved, I can assure you. That's about to change though...

Bummer about the accident. Hope the neck improves quickly.

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