Thursday, September 30, 2010

Look what's in my toolkit

I've just added a new tool to my kit - I've signed up for Ocsober. That's right... no drinkies for me for the entire month of October. It's a healthy lifestyle promotion, run by Life Education, but it's also a fundraiser, and I've chosen to support the Cancer Council.

So if anyone would like to sponsor me, you can make a donation on my behalf, and give me extra incentive to stay on the wagon.

Or if you're game, how about joining me and becoming an Everyday Hero yourself?


Raechelle said...

Go Kek!

Sara said...

Done! I have to say though.. that's a P...a...inful site to use for donations. Why the hell do they require so much freaking information? I nearly gave up after it kept reminding me that I had omitted this or that little piece of compulsory data.

Ok, maybe I'm just a bit stressed today. I persisted. Or, technically 'we' persisted seeing as it's on behalf of the biz. Sorry it could not have been more, just emptied the bank account buying stock before the GST rise (which was today).

Kek said...

Aww, thanks, darls!

Thanks to Raechelle and Michelle as well - you girls rock!

Sheesh, I should set up that thank-you email message thingummy...I did this in a bit of a rush last night. Oops.

Fifi said...

Mr Canuck is doing Ocsober. There goes my plan of getting him drunk and having my way with him....

Kek said...

Bugger, Frankie! Oh well, you'll just have to win him over with your charm and beauty instead.

And thanks a bunch! ;)

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