Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today I had one of those "What am I going to have for lunch?" moments. Bike Boy had cooked me some chicken breast portions earlier, but we were out of my standard accompaniment, sweet potato. There were some potatoes in the pantry, but microwaved they aren't all that good, and I was starving NOW, so didn't want to wait for them to cook in the oven. I really didn't feel like plain chicken and plain steamed veg. The bread rolls in the pantry were an easy option and tempting, but nah...

I put a pan on the stove to heat and started rummaging through the fridge and pantry. Bike Boy was watching me as he ate his lunch of Asian style soup filled with fish balls and various other squishy things (so not my thing). "What are you making?" he enquired. "I don't know yet. I'm making it up as I go", was my reply.

This is what I came up with:

I heated a teaspoon of olive oil and threw in half a small sliced red onion, then once that was soft, added a tiny bit of ground cumin and a small handful of walnut pieces. I chucked in some chopped broccolini (steamed it in the microwave for two minutes first), stirred it around for a minute, then squeezed in some lemon juice. Finally, I added a glob of natural yoghurt, mixed it all around and then flung in a couple of handfuls of baby spinach.

Served up with my chicken and some green beans, it was pretty good. Next time I'd add more cumin and maybe some garlic. Everything tastes better with garlic.

...Although, maybe not ice cream.

The walnuts and olive oil made it quite filling and helped compensate for the modest amount of carbs. The lemon, yoghurt and walnuts together were just YUM.


LizN said...

consider your concoction STOLEN :)
(word verification: fook)

Kek said...

Go for it... play with the quantities or substitute ingredients. I'm sure it can be improved upon. ;)

Fook indeed!

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