Saturday, September 04, 2010

Pretending to be posh

I'm heading out for the day, got a lovely girls' day out planned with my best friend as a 50th birthday treat for her. Yay!

We're being picked up by chauffeured car and whisked away to the National Gallery to have a wander around the European Masters exhibition first up. We also plan to catch the 100 Years of Fashion exhibition over at Fed Square, and may stick our noses into a few other gallery rooms too. There may be some champagne involved along the way, and possibly some retail therapy, before we head to the Windsor for afternoon tea. If you've never had arvo tea at the Windsor, you really should - it's an experience.

We have an hour to spare afterwards before the car arrives to deliver us back home, so we may waddle into the Cricketer's Bar for another champers or two. We did think we might walk around the city, but the weather is absolutely vile, so sheltering in the nearest watering hole is probably much wiser.


On the less cheery side... I just heard about the BIG earthquake in Christchurch, which of course is where Sara lives.

I'm sure she has more important concerns than updating her Facebook status, but I'm going to be worrying (and frantically checking via my phone every five minutes) till she does.

If you get to read this, luvvie, PLEEEEASE text me if you can and let me know you're OK.

Edit: All's well with the Kiwi contingent. That's one lucky city - pretty bad damage to property, but a remarkable lack of serious injury.


LizN said...

Don't pretend, do it and hope you enjoyed it ;)

Sara said...

Yes, maybe we will rename it THE LUCKY CITY. All good, big mess though and we are continuing to make awesome discoveries like the bust pipe somewhere under the driveway. Scary experience, and many people lost their homes and businesses, but only one fatality. Really quite incredible. This was a bigger quake than Haiti, but just better buildings and it was at a time when most people were not in the city.

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