Sunday, October 24, 2010

The excitement never stops around here

In my dreams plan for the day:

Go out for second breakfast.
Go furniture shopping (and not even think about how much anything costs).
Laze on the couch with a magazine and a cuppa and maybe nod off for a while.

Reality bites plan for the day:

Have second coffee (hey, it's the weekend).
Do another four loads of washing, hang out same.
Give house a cursory clean. Prioritise kids' bathroom...I think I saw something move in there!
Seasol garden, spread some moo poo on the fruit trees.
Oil outdoor furniture.
Iron Bike Boy's shirts for the week.
Return DVDs and go shopping for milk and other boring necessities.
Organise food and training gear for tomorrow.
Collapse in an exhausted heap onto mis-matched furniture to watch an hour of TV before crawling into bed just a wee bit too late for my own good.

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