Sunday, October 10, 2010

Good intentions

I meant to go for a walk today, I really did. But there was the bamboo screen to stain and seal, a length of merbau to oil, my vintage pot cupboard to finish with wax and paint another coat on the body, a lantern to prime ready for painting, four loads of washing to do, the ironing for the week to tackle ...and I haven't touched the mountain of folding yet.

Since I've accumulated 11,085 steps on my trusty pedometer, and we haven't even had dinner yet, I'm not feeling like a slacker.

If I was insane enough to strap on my shoes and head off down the street, I suspect it would end like this:

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LizN said...

I reckon I need at least 11000 steps to overcome what I saw in your last blog post...kidding :)

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