Thursday, October 14, 2010

The highest honour

While I was lying awake at 4:15 this morning for no good reason, I took note of some of the ridiculous thoughts, questions and memories that flit through my head. Why do we think such stupid things in the wee hours?

My mind got going on a name theme - don't ask me how I got there - and in the course of its ramblings, I recalled this:

I once had a cow named after me. I wasn't sure whether to be honoured or offended at first. In the end, I decided to take it as a compliment.

What's the most dubious compliment you've ever been paid?


Sandra said...

Hi Kerryn,
My daughter's first boyfriend had a three year old brother...his favourite dvd to watch was "Spirit" - the main character is a horse, and he has a "girlfriend" (a very attractive horse with long eyelashes). This little guy called it the "Maddie Horse" after my daughter...sooo cute.

Sara said...

I had a cow named after me too. She was a very pale jersey cow with big eyes.

LizN said...

I have no words, really. A cow, how cool!

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