Monday, October 25, 2010

I went out to buy some apples and....

Anyone remember that old game? No? So it's just me who was a daggy Girl Guide then?

Anyway, moving right along...I urgently required some apples today, so I popped out to the shops at lunchtime. Then out of nowhere, I thought I should just have a browse around for something to wear to the Oaks next week. I was going to recycle something, but I've done that the past couple of years and frankly, I'm over it.

Before I knew it I was loaded up with this dress:

These WICKED shoes:

This matching bag:

And this fascinator:

All I need now is a just-in-case jacket and I'm all set.

The best bit? This whole bundle of awesomeness cost me under $160.


Unknown said...

Very nice! We expect to see pics of the finished piece!! One question- did you remember to buy the apples too???

Charlotte Orr said...

Nice outfit - good work!

Shar said...

Nice outfit, nice price, nice looking Kek :)

Debstar said...

You're going to look beeuteeful.

LizN said...

That is awesome Kek and looks very nice too. Enjoy your day!

Fifi said...

love it!

AlleyCat Runs said...


Friday said...

Hahaha .. love it!

But! - did you get the apples??


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