Saturday, October 09, 2010

Kek 1: Fear 0

I walked into the gym this morning and ran through my leg prehab routine, then wandered out to the weights area to start my workout. I had a sudden urge to try some deadlifts. Could I? Should I? My shoulder and arms may be a little better, but they're hardly up to holding massive weights. Hmm...

The voice in my head said: Bugger it! Give it a go, just keep the weight light.

So I slid a couple of 10kg plates onto the bar. 40kg. Miles off my PB, but given that I haven't tried deadlifts for what must be at least six months, I figured that was probably plenty.

I set the bar on the floor, got into position and realised I was feeling nervous. What if I couldn't lift it? Well, what IF? I asked myself. You won't know till you try. I imagined Liz was standing there next to me, and I knew she'd say: Don't be such a pussy! I braced, breathed in, pushed through my heels, and pulled the bar off the floor without too much effort. I figured six reps was enough. Let's not go crazy. I stood back and thought Holy crap! That was easy.

So I swapped the 10s for 15s and did two more sets with 50kg. No shoulder pain, no issues with grip, and my forearm was OK too.

Some sumo squats, DB walking lunges, single leg glute bridging and my legs were feeling the love. Or feeling something, anyway. LOL.

Getting back into training was surprisingly mentally challenging. My self-image had really taken a beating. I didn't feel like an athlete at ALL. But with every workout I do, I find myself holding my head a little bit higher. Only two weeks in, there's a huge shift in my view of myself. I feel stronger, fitter and more confident already.

My super powers are not far away, I'm sure.


Raechelle said...

Love that strong feeling! Glad your bod is agreeing too!

LizN said...

Nice work! It's all about how you lift the weight, rather than how much and it sounds like you kicked butt (literally!)


Kathryn said...

It's crazy the crap our brains do to us sometimes. Nice work on showing it who's the boss.

Fifi said...

it's gonna be ages til I'm allowed any heavy leg work again but I can just live vicariously through you....

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