Sunday, October 31, 2010

Let's nail it!

I'm joining up with Liz in her Nail it November efforts. There are only two months left of this year, and I intend to make the most of them.

So, during November, I'm going to work on a few things.

I have a bit of a bad habit of reaching for any old thing for lunch when I'm at home. Working day or not, I need to be consistent about eating properly. That means protein, vegies and all.

So I'm saying NO to having "whatever" for lunch on the weekends.

I need to be up early to train, or it isn't likely to happen, but like Liz, I have a tendency to stay up later than I can afford to.

So I'll be saying NO to late nights.

My fitness needs a kick in the pants, and I can't afford to pussyfoot around with cardio if I'm going to get myself up to speed any time soon. I can talk myself out of a cardio session on the slightest pretext's one of my talents. ;)

So I'm saying NO to wussing out on cardio. No cutting it short, no scaling it back, and definitely no skipping it.

That should do it.


Sara said...

I am going to join you both on 'nail it November'. This sounds great. Also, I have a suggestion, it's so simple you may actually slap me for suggesting it. This is what I've been doing. Every single day when I make dinner I make an extra serve and freeze it. I always have seven lunches in the freezer and lunch is never the same as dinner the night before because I'm seven days out. I pack it before I serve dinner so I don't have to rely on there being any left over. Of course it works for me because I have access to an oven every lunchtime. Like I said, slap me. I'm sure you have thought of it already.

Kek said...


It's a brilliant idea. We almost always make extra for lunches... only with three hungry boys in the house, sometimes there just aren't any leftovers. Dammit.

Unknown said...

Great idea Kerryn- I checked out Liz's blog. I think I'll come on board too. Got lots of things to say 'NO' to!!!

LizN said...

That hammer is scaring me - let the fun begin!

Kathryn said...

Ha, I'm the opposite... happy to do cardio but will wimp out on weights training. I really should join in this nail it thing. Too many excuses at the moment.

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