Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Not quite super, but getting there

Training is going well. I don't know what I've been afraid of (or if maybe I was just bored out of my brain at home), but - thank goodness - my legs can still handle a decent workout. I'm using some baby weights, but this morning I managed to rip out some box squats, DB step-ups, Romanian deadlifts, BOSU glute leg raise thingies (NO idea what those are called....) and some Bulgarian split squats. And for the first time in days, this afternoon my lower back is NOT giving me pain. Hmm.

I'm being fairly cautious with my upper body, but I was relieved to discover that I can once again manage lat pulldowns with a supinated grip without any pain in my forearm. That's been a long time coming. Maybe the rest did it some good.

Plus I've been steadily increasing the intensity with cardio. I ran some treadmill intervals yesterday, and pulled up OK. Today I stuck to walking after my leg session. Tomorrow though, I plan an aerobic session with Coach Troy, and I think I'm looking forward to it.

Also...my pedometer is sitting on 10,375 and I still plan a walk after dinner. Traipsing around the shopping strip at lunchtime, sending my work to a distant printer, and taking the long way round to the Ladies' seems to be doing the trick.

I feel like me again. Before I know it, I'll have my super powers back.


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Sara said...

I think that picture does resemble you a bit. ;)

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Kek said...

Um, except for the boobs. I wish.

Mmm, cookeys...

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