Friday, October 15, 2010

See what I'm up against?

These are actual comments made to me by colleagues over the past week or so:

My personal trainer says I can't eat carbs if I want to lose weight.

Ugh. I just ate four pieces of cake at morning tea. I'll have to pay for it with extra time on the treadmill tonight. *sigh*

Eek! That yoghurt has three grams of fat in it. I can't eat that. Fat's bad for you.

I've put on half a kilo overnight. I'll have to skip lunch today.

I think I officially give up.


Magda said...

aaargh indeed!! I want to make a montage of slim and healthy vegetarians (who obviously eat carbs by way of being vego)to prove to people that eating carbs does NOT equal being fat. Miranda Kerr, Jackie O, Andrew G, Paul and Linda McCartney are all famous vegos who are not fat.

Shar said...

Whats wrong with those statments kek?? ;)

Breath deep and either calmly explain (could take all day) or smile nicely and make yourself busy.

Shar x

Raechelle said...


that's ok, one of our clients just went on the frickin Tony Ferguson diet...won't listen to what we have to say about what to eat-at least he keeps coming in for a fab workout! but, people just don't get it...and I mean-well..I know you know what you're talking about I can see your pictures...I think John & I know what we are talking about-you've seen our pics...but people just won't listen when it comes to bloody food! So what if we all look fabulous..hehehe ;-0
damn frustrating I say! can you tell?

Kathryn said...

Arrgghhh... of course all those crap stories they run in magazines don't help at all. But a sensible, balanced diet doesn't make news.

Cherub said...

One of my clients has been eating really well, she comments that, her hair and nails are better, she feels fitter, she is running up stairs, she gets comments that her shape is changing, she feels stronger, she can see muscles starting to appear - but she hasn't lost any weight so is having her gastric band turned on again.......

Pip said...

Aaarrgh! Holy macaroni! I once had a highly regarded body building and triathlete coach specialist recommend that I should work toward eleminating ALL refined AND complex carbs out of my diet as 'ya just don't need them'. Steamed sweet potato got the red line as did a banana and low fat natural unsweetened yoghurt and chickpeas! Salad greens, green vegies and lean meat/fish and water all the way for Pippi! Even with maintaining an active job on feet all day AND doing rather intensive for me triathlon training and weights! I'm not committed or rich enough to stick to such a tough regime quite yet! No talk of balance or moderation and I know I can lose fat and get fitter with intensive training and rather balanced eating including complex carbs!

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