Thursday, October 21, 2010

Soaking up the non-skankiness

I’m enjoying the new gym. It’s fun to have a new play space, but I keep finding more good things about it:

1. RPM classes at no (extra) cost. Most of the times don’t suit me, but there’s the Tuesday 6:00am class and the Thursday 6:00pm class...which *ahem* my sister in law instructs ...I KNOW! How embarrassing that I’ve only been ONCE in the year and a bit that the gym’s been open.

2. Chilled filtered water. And lockers. And showers! Neither the skanky gym or the one I haunted last year offered such luxuries. Hey, they were cheap...

3. Pretty surroundings. The d├ęcor is very funky. Bright orange feature segments of backlit Perspex. Wakes you up in the morning, that’s for sure. I'm not too sure about the plastic palm trees though. Hmm.

4. Video channels, ipod sockets and other fancy-schmancy features on the cardio machines that most people probably take for granted. All new to meeee.

5. A big, empty cardio studio – there’s only one day each week that there's a class scheduled for 6:00am, so I’m planning on using the room for some of my cardio workouts, and definitely for posing practice down the track.

6. A BOSU. A foam roller. Umpteen stability balls. More than one medicine ball (and it's not flat). Hurrah for not having to lug my own equipment to the gym!

Plus it's literally 5 minutes away at 6:00am. Love it!

You can't see the awesome orange funk-adelic decor here, but see? Plastic palm trees!


LizN said...

That is so awesome :) I thinketh surroundings can make a huge difference. Mwah!

Kathryn said...

Ipod sockets are a godsend. Nothing worse than getting to the gym with a flat ipod and having to listen to their freaken shit music (I've never known a gym not to play shit music).

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