Tuesday, October 26, 2010


As per my plan, this morning I fronted up to the 6:00am RPM class at my gym. I had a bad night, and when the alarm went off, I seriously thought about giving it a miss - for about five seconds, before my conscience kicked me out of bed.

I wasn't quite matching the cadence the instructor was suggesting, and my resistance levels were probably a little light too, but I was making a conscious effort not to overdo things to the point where I'd be dragging my arse by the middle of the class. Of course, I wondered if I was being a wimp. But when I started to feel a bit nauseous in Track 6, I knew I wasn't wussing out.

Two things struck me about the rest of the participants:

1. All the women were wearing track pants. WTF? The lone guy in the class was in regular old shorts, but it was just little old me in my bike nicks. Track pants? Seriously? I think I'd have died of heat exhaustion.

2. I showed up with my 750ml bottle of water and my 1L of Extend. By the end of the class, I'd emptied the litre bottle and had less than half of the water left. Everyone else was sipping daintily on their 600ml water bottles. How the hell do you get through 55 minutes of intense cardio with a piddling 600ml of water? Am I just a water piggy?

Anyway, I survived and my big bowl of oats was very welcome. :)


MTB Girl said...

Go Kekkie!

No, you're not a water pig. I'd go through that much too and often wonder why there aren't more water bottle cages on the bikes.

Without the wind from being outdoors I don't think I could wear track pants. I find it far too hot and still in the RPM studio. I wear as little as (modestly) possible to RPM - nix and a sleeveless jersey usually.

LizN said...

I usually wear cycle nix and a jersey too. I think the cycle nix are crucial really.

I don't drink a lot during class as I'm often too busy instructing but I drink a lot before and after class so it all works out in the end.

Debstar said...

I found if I drank that much during class I felt sick about half way through, so like Liz I would drink a lot before and (mostly) after class.

AlleyCat Runs said...

LOL - I couldn't do a class in trackies either & I am a guzzler!!!!

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