Wednesday, October 20, 2010

T-minus 25 and counting

Melbourne Phat Camp 2011 starts on the 14th November and I need to seriously lift my strength and particularly my cardio fitness, or else I AM GOING TO DIE.

There are now three-and-a-half weeks to go and I need to start pushing myself a little harder if I’m going to survive an intense weekend of pop squats, bear crawls and other such killer moves. It’s not that I’ve been slacking off up until now, but I have been aiming to make small progressive improvements, rather than recklessly trying to smash it in the gym from Day 1. A workout along the lines of what I consider “normal” was so daunting a few weeks ago that I’d never have got out of bed if that was in my training plan.

So I began with some easier stuff in Week 1, like brisk incline walking, or trundling along at a moderate pace on the elliptical. In Week 2, I pushed things along a bit with activities like some simple jogging/walking intervals and a dose of Coach Troy (with the resistance dialled way down). Over the past few days I’ve upped the ante again - on Sunday I even threw in one of my crazy cardio sessions, although it was abbreviated. Then I just tacked on some more moderate cardio to get me to my allocated time.

That’s all good progress, but now I need to give things a good shove and pull out some really challenging stuff. I realised as I was finishing my training yesterday morning that there’s an RPM class at my gym at 6:00am on Tuesdays, so that’s on the menu for next week. If the crazy weather will stay fine for more than five minutes, I’ll include some outdoor training as well. Maybe something like this:

Wed - Legs + walk
Thu - Spinervals aero base builder
Fri - Upper body + elliptical (steady state)
Sat - REST
Sun - Outdoor boot camp workout
Mon - Legs + rower intervals
Tue - RPM

If I survive that (kidding!), I’ll execute a similar plan the following week, but turn up the intensity a smidge more.

Come to think of it, even if the weather sucks, I’ll chuck in one of my indoor boot camp workouts. If they’re good enough for my clients….

I don’t expect miracles – my strength can’t possibly be back to its peak in such a short timeframe, and even my cardio fitness is still going to be below par. And I know I’ll have to skip or modify some Phat Camp activities so as not to aggravate my injuries. But I need to be as fit as I possibly can under the circumstances. My self-respect demands it.

I don’t think I’ll be putting myself in the “advanced” group this time around… That’s OK, it’s all about having fun and doing your best, not proving to anyone else how good you (think you) are.

I’m excited and looking forward to my fourth Phat Camp. But just between you and me, I’m almost as terrified as I was the very first time I attended in 2005.

At least the chances of it being as hot as in 2008 (see sweaty pic above) are very, very slim. March. Melbourne. 3 days of 40+ degrees in a giant tin shed with no air con. Brutal!


MTB Girl said...

Good luck, have a great time, don't die!

I hope you've got the disabled toilet ready for your legs being dead after pop squats!

Sorry I won't be there with you.

2008 huh? Gees, that was hard to handle! Let's hope she's back again next year.

Kek said...

Yeah, that was some seriously bad weather! Thank goodness for all those frozen bottles of water I packed, huh?

I'll miss you this time around, Amanda. Next year, for sure!

Tearose said...

Ha Kek I am going to the Phat Camp on the Gold Coast and I have been saying the same thing! Time to start practicing that stuff, or I will die!. My birthday is the week before and I am going on a 6 hour hike to minimize cake damage LOL.

Gawd, I'll start this week practicing some stuff :p Wishing you the best at your torture I mean Phat camp!

Kathryn said...

OMG I'd forgotten 2008!

I'm sure you'll have a fab time no matter what.

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