Saturday, October 09, 2010

Throwing down the gauntlet

I had a GREAT blog topic all lined up for this weekend, but needed to do some research first. But while I was busy with work revamping vintage furniture and being a top-notch Mum getting my 10,000 steps in, Liz went and stole my thunder.

So stuff it, you can just go read her post.

You know what this means, don't you Lizzie? This means a SHOWDOWN. That's right, I challenge you to a Lindor Ball-chucking contest at dawn.... Hope you're good at ducking!


LizN said...

Ooh Lindor Balls - my favourite :) I think you should write your post anyway my friend - the more the merrier! xoxxo

Kek said...


I still need to do that research. I had a quick read through the blogs last night, haven't read any of the discussion yet though.

That reporter needs to learn the meaning of "impartial" - but that wouldn't have been as sensational, would it?

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