Friday, October 22, 2010

Too smart for my own good

I'm in the habit of (mostly) writing my posts at night, and setting them to publish the next morning. Sometimes I'm super-organised and write two or three posts at once and then set them to publish, one each day, over the next few days.

That works really well when you have a head overflowing with ideas, because you can spread them out instead of bombarding your readers with umpteen posts on the one day. You also don't have to worry about days when you're too busy to blog or you're completely void of inspiration - you can chill and just let automated publishing take care of things for you.

Only problem is, you have to know what today's date is, so you can figure out the date you want your post to publish. I can be a bit ditzy about that at times. Which is why you got two posts yesterday. One of them was meant to appear like magic this morning, but ...oops.

So, this is all you get for today's post. Tough luck.

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