Friday, October 08, 2010


Yesterday I had my usual Thursday arvo date with Peter the Physio. But there was something different. As usual, I was greeted grunted at by the surly receptionist, and as usual I sat and read a trashy mag in the waiting room because as usual, I was early. I walked into the torture treatment room and as usual, Peter asked "How are you going?"

Here's where it gets unusual. My normal response is something along these lines:

*sigh* "Yeah, OK....well..." *rolling of eyes* " know. I'm kind of...bleurgh. Same-old, same-old."

Yesterday I paused and thought: How am I doing? And the answer was:

"Actually, I'm pretty good. There's definite improvement. I got through to Wednesday afternoon before my right arm bothered me at all, and I haven't taken any pain killers or anti-inflammatories at all. And I even think my neck is a bit less stiff."

It's been a long time coming, but boy, is it welcome.


Raechelle said...

Awesome news girl!

Sara said...

Maybe Ocsober is also good for your aches and pains? (god forbid!).

LizN said...


Magda said...

Hi Kek,

just catching up on you last few posts (from the miracle non-diet onwards) and must say "Spot on!!!". I Couldnt agree more.


Shauna said...

that is really fab to hear, woohoo :)

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