Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I'm trying very hard to find something to feel positive about, but things have been a bit grim over the past week.

First, my nasty virus may have departed, but it's left behind a souvenir in the form of a sinus infection. I feel worse than I did last week, if that's possible. I'm dying to get back to training, but the only activities I'm fit for are sleeping and complaining. *grump*

Then, the weather has been completely and utterly shite. Yes, it's great that the drought has finally broken, but COME ON! We have some major celebrating to do and the forecast for the foreseeable future is: rain, thunderstorms, rain, showers, rain and uh....rain. My party decorations all depend on fine weather (and no, I can't put them up inside the house), the new bar won't even get a run if it's pouring, and The Middle Child is having a BBQ for his 18th birthday, which is kind of weather-dependent too. *whinge*

Thanks to the worst allergy season in recent history, my asthma and eczema have flared up, adding to the general feeling of crappiness. And my face is all dry and scabby, so I'm going to look real pretty for my party.

Now Bike Boy has woken up today with a sore throat. Fantastic. Just what we need.

So, the positive side of all this is..... um... yeah. Exactly.

I'm staying away for a bit until I'm fit for human society. I'll return when The Cranky is safely back in its cage.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Look out, slugs!

Thankfully, the evil snot-virus appears to be departing. I managed a reasonable amount of sleep last night, my throat is only scratchy and dry instead of excruciating, and I can even breathe a bit through my nose. Thank goodness - I don't get sick very often, and I'm utterly miserable on the rare occasions when it happens. In fact, I've whinged so much, I'm even fed up with myself.

The torrential rain over the past 36 hours seems to have temporarily reduced the extreme pollen count that sent my hay fever into overdrive, but my asthma has decided to be a bit troublesome now. Oh well, that's nothing drugs can't fix.

So it's Friday and I'm at home - that has to be a good thing. :) What shall I do? I'm planning a day full of excitement: grocery shopping, washing, maybe a nap, and I need get outside and do a slug patrol - those buggers are making a meal out of my lime and cumquat leaves. Who knows, slug-squishing could even be therapeutic.

Don't you wish you could swap lives with me?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hammering away

I haven't forgotten about my NOvember Nailer goals; I've just been a bit distracted by other things, and haven't had a second to blog about them.

To recap, my goals were:

To eat a proper lunch on weekends or other days when I'm at home - specifically, to include veggies.

I've done well on this one - there's only been one occasion when I haven't eaten protein + veggies + good carbs for lunch, and even that wasn't an awful choice.

To get to bed at a decent time so I can get up early to train.

There haven't been any late nights, except on weekends, so I'm giving this one a tick, even if I haven't actually been doing the training part over the past week.

To Go Hard or Go Home with my cardio efforts.

I've definitely nailed this one - Phat Camp certainly helped. LOL. Of course, I've done nothing since, but I have valid reasons. I plan to be back on the bike, giving myself a good thrashing, as soon as this virus clears up. Hopefully, that won't aggravate my ITB.

As for my other fitness goals, well... a couple of them are on hold, but I blitzed my pushup goal at Phat Camp, as well as the squat jump goal. The running will have to wait till my leg is 100%... Stretching was going well too, but that's on the back burner too until I feel human again.

Maybe I'm not exactly where I expected, but I can honestly say that I'm doing my best, and that's all anyone can do.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Passing the time

Where have I been? Let's see.... working, cleaning (in preparation for the upcoming Significant Birthday), helping Bike Boy finish off our outdoor bar and install garden lighting, and over the past few days, dealing with a nasty virus that's taken up residence in my head and throat. Today, just for extra-bonus joy points, the feral north wind sent my hay fever into overdrive as well. Good times...

I feel so ill, I would have given anything to have taken a sick day today, but I had two separate "things" on at work that I just couldn't miss. Sometimes you really are indispensable. Yay.
:( Tomorrow though, I am not showing up.

End of whinge.

In other news, the Middle Child had his first interview for his shortlisted tertiary courses today. Because his course selections are classified as performing arts subjects, entrance selection doesn't go on VCE scores at all; written application plus interview decides who gets in and who doesn't. He thinks he did well. :) One down, three to go.

Post-Phat Camp, I managed a super upper body session on Wednesday last week. Since then I've done zero, apart from some walking. That's because once the DOMS wore off, I discovered that I'd done something to my left ITB - possibly as a result of all the duck walks or the plyo exercises(?), compounded by my leg length discrepancy and over-pronating feet. That ruled out training legs, or any kind of cardio activity other than walking, while I waited for it to heal. I'm sure it's only minor, but I'm not about to push my luck.

By the time I was set to do upper body again or tackle an RPM class, the snot-virus from hell had descended and frankly, what with the lack of sleep and the inability to breathe, I don't fancy training at all. Even walking doesn't appeal, since it would require my traversing the neighbourhood with a wad of tissues shoved up both nostrils.

So I consulted my trainer (me) and she prescribed rest. Lots of rest. Hopefully, this bug will sod off and bother someone else in a couple of days and my hip, thigh and knee will be as good as new so I can get back to it. I'm not feeling at all guilty about being a slug - sometimes it's the right thing to do.

Meanwhile, I'm passing the time parked on the couch with laptop and remote controls, catching up on recorded TV shows and browsing eBay looking for furniture bargains. So far I've picked up two things that were just what I needed - or will be once I get stuck into them with sander and paintbrush.

I also horrified my family the other day when I started checking out stuff that had been put out on the nature strip for an upcoming hard rubbish collection... (Honestly, the things people chuck out!) I'm seriously considering going back for some chairs that looked just the ticket for our mostly unfurnished lounge. Be afraid, kids....be very afraid. ;)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Was that a challenge?

On Friday night at the start of Phat Camp, Jen made sure to tell all the campers how much she LOVES Tim Tams. Of course, this ensures that she receives enough of them over the weekend to stuff a suitcase, which gives her a supply that lasts several months. Smart thinking, since they're hard to come by in the U.S. ;)

Later, during a discussion about nutrition, she was asked what her favourite protein source is and she replied: egg whites. She waxed lyrical about ways to cook egg whites and said that her favourite thing is an egg white omelette, filled with all kinds of things: mushrooms, peppers, turkey, etc, etc. THEN she sighed and said: If only someone would invent a Tim Tam omelette...

You know I can't resist a culinary challenge. And I'm the queen of the souffle omelette. So I give you.....


It needs just a little refining, but it was pretty damn good. And just quietly, half of one is perfectly adequate. I feel a little sick now...

I promise to share the recipe, just not now. I'm off to see Hairspray tonight, and I look like something the cat dragged in. I need a hairdresser and makeup artist, stat!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy legs

The killer DOMS has receded to the point where it's (mostly) not even bothering me. That's a HUGE difference to my previous three Phat Camps, where it took a week for my poor, poor legs to recover.

The only things I did different were:

1. I wore my Skins to bed on Sunday night. I had an awful night on Saturday, not just with the DOMS waking me every time I moved, but with achey (sp?) legs too. I dragged on my compression tights on Sunday before hitting the sack and slept only a little better, but noticed the difference in my legs the next morning.

2. I drank at least a litre of Xtend each day during Phat Camp. Jen sells Scivation products, and the gym had it on tap for the campers, with a different flavour each day. I use this stuff anyway on weight training days and also when I do an RPM or tough Spinervals workout, but I really had no benchmark for comparing the effects before this. Now I can say that this stuff ROCKS when it comes to aiding recovery. The blue raspberry flavour is pretty good too... that's on my shopping list when my grape runs out.

I've had two rest days, but it was back to the gym this morning for upper body. I was very pleased to see my old mates Delts and Biceps looking back at me in the mirror while I was finishing up with ladder bicep curls. They've been in hiding, but today they came out to play. Welcome back! :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Phat Camp dot-point summary

I have a billion things to do today, so here's my in brief summary of some things I learned (or re-learned) on the weekend:

- I'm crap at spider crawls, but I totally rock duck walks. Thank goodness for all the leg and glute work I've done over the past three years.

- Duck walks up and over steps suuuuuuuck. Especially when you have short legs.

- I can do way more than I thought I could.

- I forgot how much hundreds of walking lunges hurt.

- My fitness and strength are far below where they were at my last Phat Camp in March 08, but way above where I was seven weeks ago. And I'm good with that.

- The DOMS is bad. I mean can't sleep for the pain bad. Damn! How did I forget about that?

- Jen still loves Tim Tams.

- The most inspirational campers aren't always the strongest or the fittest-looking.

- It doesn't matter if you have no equipment or no space, you can still do a kick-arse training session.

- I'm more at peace with myself than I've ever been. Huh.

I can't wait to do it again.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Exhausted, stinky, sore everywhere, inspired, exhilarated.

Yep, another Phat Camp is over.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Break in transmission

This week I'm busier than a one-legged man in a bum-kicking contest. So excuse me if I'm absent from the blog for a few days.

The next month is actually jam-packed full of events and outings - which will be nice, but is actually a bit challenging for a homebody like me, because it leaves me little time to do the things that need to be done (like washing) and almost none for the things I'd like to do. That little equation adds up to a stressed-out Kek. I'm going to have to make a big effort to ignore stuff that doesn't really need doing and relax a bit.

My agenda for the next few days looks like this:

Thursday: Work, physio, dinner with a BFL buddy who's hopping across the ditch from New Zealand for a flying visit.

Friday: Get to work early so I can leave early, organise food and pack stuff for the weekend (must remember my camera!), head into the city for Phat Camp from 6:00pm

Saturday: Up early and off to the city again for more Phat Camp torture fun.

Sunday: Repeat Saturday, hopefully finish up by 4:00pm, dash home to shower and change and arrive late at a 21st.

Monday: I am taking the day OFF to catch up on some housework, before heading off to the Kool Skools awards night in the evening to (hopefully) witness The Middle Child's band repeat last year's performance and take out another award.

Then it's work, work, work and I'm off to see Hairspray on Thursday night. All good fun, but I feel exhausted already...

Back soon!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

To sleep, perchance to dream...

I've been having an awful time with insomnia again. This time, it's definitely not coffee. Nope, it's my crazy hormones. The hot flushes strike at night, waking me a million times (well, it seems like it) and leaving me feeling exhausted and wrung out in the morning.

My miracle pills aren't helping any more - I even doubled the dose, but no joy. I remarked to Bike Boy tonight that I must start taking my hops/valerian evil-tasting drops on a regular basis and see if that does the job. The potion is designed to relieve insomnia, but hops is known to also have a beneficial effect on menopausal symptoms.

Then Bike Boy mentioned that one of his beer brewing books had a recipe for a hops pillow, designed to improve sleep. It apparently promotes extremely vivid dreams though - if I combine it with magnesium, I wonder if my usual crazy dreams will become even more loony?

Anyway, he's out of hop flowers at the moment, but as soon as he gets some more, I'm going to hop to it (geddit?) and whip up one of these little numbers to test it out.

By the way, in spite of a very crappy night, I got up at 5:30 this morning and headed off to my RPM class. Must remember next time to eat something at the gym afterwards, NOT wait till I get to work an hour and twenty minutes later. My legs refused to go up the stairs... I was totally out of fuel. Oops.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Whose fault?

Katie wrote an excellent post yesterday about cause and effect.

One thing that drives me crazy is people who will not take responsibility for their own feelings and subsequent actions. Emotions are funny things - we react instinctively to certain words, people, situations. Although instinct may be the wrong word, because in many cases it's a learned response. And if you've learned something, you can always un-learn it, can't you?

Some days it seems to me that everybody in the whole world wants someone to blame for their problems. Maybe the flip side of that is that they live in hope that "someone" will come and rescue them from those problems, without them having to lift a finger themselves.

Well, you know what? Nobody is coming to rescue you. There is no knight in shining armour, no superhero waiting to swoop in and fix everything that's wrong in your life. As Katie says: Who's driving the bus?

You need to get off your butt and take some kind of action. Accept that you're in control and take a single step towards wherever it is you want to be; that's all it takes to get started. The alternative is, you can stay right where you are, with your anger, disappointment, resentment and regret to keep you company.

As for me, I'm not joining the pity party. I'm busy being my own superhero, as Mizfit would say.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Got goals?

As I've mentioned a few times recently, I'm working on improving my fitness and strength and things are going well. But I've committed to taking it a step further by setting some measurable goals, just to help keep me on track and progressing nicely - thanks for the poke, Clara. ;)

The brief was to aim for a minimum 10% improvement in specific areas over an eight-week period, which started from the 1st November. That takes us up to the 26th December. Perfect.

For some reason though, I'm actually having trouble with this goal-setting thing. That's kind of unusual for me, because normally I know exactly what I want... I'm not sure what's up with that, but here goes anyway:

1. Push ups. Getting back to my former performance level with these is a really big thing for me. For now, I'm settling for cranking out 10% more of these little beauties. I could aim for a more challenging figure than 10%, but I'm not about to aggravate my left shoulder by trying to be heroic...

I probably should have done a 1-minute push up test and worked from there, but since I didn't, I'll have to base my benchmark on this week's 3 x 10 effort. 30 pushups in total, so a 10% improvement means that's only 33 I have to work towards. Ah, let's round it up to 35. I reserve the right to break up the sets any way I like.

2. Running. 20 minutes can be done; I proved that on Wednesday. I'm stretching the 10% goal here and will be aiming for a solid 30 minutes by Boxing Day. I know I can do it, but putting it here in black and white will make sure I actually DO.

3. Squat jumps. This morning I decided that, since I managed 12 last time, I'd aim for 13 today. I did 15 - woot! So I'm setting myself the target of nailing 30 of these by the end of this challenge. OK, so that's a 100% improvement, but it's only 10% x 10. Close enough.

4. Stretching. This is something I skip on the slightest pretext. Let's face it, it's not exciting at all. But it is something I need to do, so I'm biting the bullet and committing to a separate weekly stretching session, as well as the normal after-training stretch.

Note there are no weight goals amongst these. I thought about it, but I'm lifting the maximum I can on a daily basis, while paying attention to the level of pain in my arms, shoulder or neck. Some days I lift more than others; I'm fine with that. So there are no crazy Leg press 300kg or Bench 50kg goals here....

These do feel like pretty feeble goals to me. I'd like to be aiming for something exciting like doing 10 consecutive chin-ups, or a 5km run in under 25 minutes, but I'm being realistic about where I'm at right now.

This isn't replacing my NOvember Nailer challenge, it's enhancing it. Speaking of which, I've had a bit of a relaxed week, since I've been on holidays. So the getting to bed early goal went out the window. Luckily that wasn't a drama since I didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn.

The goal of eating a proper lunch has actually been achieved - I've made sure there were supplies in the fridge to make it easy. Even at the races on Thursday I bought a roast beef roll piled high with coleslaw, so I made sure I got my veggies in.

As for the goal of giving my cardio efforts a gee-up, I've even surprised myself with what I've pulled out this past week.

This post has taken me HOURS to write. It doesn't feel finished, but I'm not spending any more time on it. I'm off to have a quiet read on my last day of freedom... I comfort myself with the thought that there's only seven weeks until the Christmas holidays. :)

The low-down

My annual pilgrimage to Flemington went well - apart from the freezing cold, crappy weather. My TAB account had more in it at the end of the day than what I started with, there was champagne a-plenty, I didn't come home with blisters on my feet, and we weren't left stranded by our cruddy train system either - so I'd call it a success.

I was extremely happy with my savvy shopping and felt pretty damn good in my bargain outfit. I'll share my secrets....

There's a Diana Ferrari factory clearance outlet in the shopping strip near my office and over the years I've picked up some crazy-cheap shoes. The fuschia satin jobs weren't all that cheap at $80, but that was still $40 off retail, so I'm not complaining. The matching bag was reduced and reduced and REDUCED - from $60 down to $20. I figured that made up for the shoes. I mean, if you average it, $100 for shoes and bag is a good deal. ;)

I then had to find a fascinator in a matching colour. Unfortunately, that meant paying full price - but at $30, it wasn't going to break the bank. I still think $30 for a few feathers stuck on a comb is outrageous.... but this year I didn't have time to create one, and nothing I already own was going to work.

The little black shrug was $25 from one of those shops that sells cheap Asian imports. I saw it and knew it was going to work perfectly with the halter-neck dress. Ah, the dress....

Guess where I found my dress? Not somewhere I usually go looking for special occasion outfits. Or any occasion outfits, for that matter.

K Mart.

You read right. K Mart. $29.95. How awesome is that?

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Rust-free zone

A few months back, I left his comment on Magda's old blog:

I will slap the next person who says "Oh, your body just falls apart as you get older", or "You won't be doing xxxx when you're 50".

I'm bloody 50 in less than four months and I'm not ready to just sit around and knit yet. Or probably ever. LOL.

It's now only four weeks till my 50th birthday and here's what I have planned for the next year:

Phat Camp in a week's time. Two and a half days of killer workouts, with a bunch of positive, health and fitness focused ladies. BOOYAH! Yes, I will be crippled with DOMS for probably a week afterwards, but hell; at least I'll know I'm alive.

A huge celebration on the occasion of clocking up half a century. No way am I letting this occasion slide by, unnoticed. I'll be making as much noise as possible. (Advance apologies to the neighbours...)

The return to full-on crazy-arse fitness and strength. I'm well on the way to this already. I'm not being reckless; I see my physio every week, I listen to his advice, I take breaks at work, and I'm following a graduated approach to training so that I don't do the old snakes-and-ladders act and find myself right back where I started. But I will not be beaten!

Another appearance on the figure stage. No, I'm not going to win. I do this for a lot of reasons, but not because I think I have a hope of taking out the trophy (unless of course nobody else shows up). The main thing for me is that it's a bloody terrifying, exhilarating, awesome leap out of my comfort zone. And for a shy girl, that's a huge challenge. It's not set in stone yet, but I'm aiming for July...

I want to run, I want to lift heavy stuff, I want to be full of energy, well into my sixties and beyond. I do NOT want to be sitting on the couch moaning about my lumbago (I don't even know what that is, to be honest). I don't want to join the "over fifties" activities my local council runs. I spotted a link on their website a while back and thought Ooh - what can I get for nix? I clicked through and found it was all gentle walks and macrame and bus trips to the rose gardens for seniors. As I commented to my GP "I'm turning fifty, not bloody ninety!"

Injuries aside, I'm feeling remarkably young for my years. I look around at other people my age, and listen to them complain about their backs, their necks, their blood pressure and cholesterol and so on. And I realise that my mad exercise addiction is actually helping to keep injuries at bay, not making them more likely. I stop training; I suffer problems with my hip and lower back. I step up the intensity and frequency of training and the pains disappear.

So, like the picture says.... I'd rather wear out than rust. Don't DARE tell me that things change when you turn fifty. I heard that from so many sources when I was about to turn forty - and look at me now. :)

Friday, November 05, 2010

Above average

As I was warming up on the treadmill the other day, I actually took notice of all the info displayed on the console. Usually, all I care about is the speed I'm going at and the time that's elapsed, but there's all sorts of stuff to keep you amused on these machines - and I don't mean the TV channels.

For one thing, there are some short cut buttons on the touch screens, so you can go straight to an "average" speed for the kind of workout you want to do. I nearly choked when I noticed that the jog button is set to 6.0kmh. Man, I walk faster than that, and I'm not exactly at the point where I'm doing Cathy Freeman-esque sprints. I think walk was 3kmh and run 9kmh. Hell, even I can run at 9kmh without feeling any pain. And as for walking at 3kmh, I think I'd drop off to sleep through sheer boredom and fall off the treadmill.

The other thing that had me chuckling was the table of heart rates for age. I scanned down the list and discovered that at (almost) 50, if I wanted to do an 80% MHR workout, my heart rate should be around the 136 BPM mark. Uh...I think NOT. That would put my maximum heart rate at 170, which is based on the old 220 minus your age formula. Load of rubbish.

I don't know what my actual max is, but I do know that I've tipped 218 in the past. While my resting heart rate gets lower as I get fitter, my maximum heart rate doesn't follow that same pattern.

Huh. If I trained at 136 BPM, I'd never get past a walk up a slight incline. That might be comfortable, but it isn't going to advance my fitness any.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Smashed it!

Yesterday I was determined to pull out a really smashing cardio workout. It's not my favourite thing, but that makes the feeling of achievement afterwards even better, because I know I've pushed myself out of my comfort zone. Doing something you enjoy is easy, mentally; doing something you dislike is a lot more of a challenge.

Running is something I've never been terribly good at, but I remember the feeling when I ran my first 5km event, then a few months later managed an 8km. The pace might have been slow, but I crossed that finish line knowing that I hadn't wimped out and walked any of it.

So today I decided it was time to work on my running again. The weather dictated that it would be a treadmill run, and that can be oh, so boring. Blah. So I made up a workout with some variety, like so:

Walk for 5 minutes to warm up
Run for 5 minutes
Up the incline to 1.5 and run for 10 minutes
Drop back to zero incline and run another 5 minutes
Slow to a brisk walk for 2 minutes
Slow right down and do 20 walking lunges
Back to a brisk walk for 1 minute
Do another 20 walking lunges
Walk for 2 minutes
Get off and do 20 defensive squats (That got some looks! LOL)
Walk for another minute
Do a side shuffle for 30 seconds
Switch to the other side for 30 seconds
Back to a walk for 1 minute
Up the speed and sprint for 1 minute
Do 20 more walking lunges and cool down

No chance of getting bored with that!

I'd say I nailed my NOvember cardio goal...

No training for me today; I'm off to the races. Hurrah!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Ocsober: All over

I completely forgot to post an update on Ocsober. Yes, I did make it through 31 days without a single drink. *adjusts halo* As I reported earlier, it wasn't hard at all.

Thanks to the lovely ladies who sponsored me - it made me just that bit more committed. :)


Image courtesy of Beer Blokes

Bet that link gets Bike Boy's attention....

I think that was my thumb!

Strike one: No veggies with dinner.

Last night Bike Boy BBQ-ed up a pile of meat (and some chicken breast for me), which he and the boys planned to eat man-style: with bread and sauce. As I walked back in the door after picking up The Middle Child from work, he asked if I was going to make a salad.

Hmm, let's see.... it's cold, and I hate salad in cold weather. Dinner's ready right now and I'm hungry. I'm also tired and that immediately leads to my can't be bothered reflex kicking in. So dinner consisted of chicken and a couple of pieces of a garlic and chive twisty thing I bought from the bakery.

Lesson to take away from this? Be prepared. I could have organised salad or veggies before I left. If it was there, all ready to serve, I'd have eaten it.

On the positive side, I didn't eat a massive amount of bread. And I resisted the urge to have a drink. Champagne on Cup Day is practically compulsory, but nope, not a single drop did I have. I also smacked down the evil chocolate bitch, who likes to pop up every time I go to the supermarket. Chocolate! Or chocolate ice cream! What about chocolate cake? she whispers. I thought about how much better I'll feel on my birthday without the extra kgs and ignored her.

Not such a bad effort, really.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

From strength to strength

It always amazes me how quickly the human body can return to its former levels of strength and fitness after a break. Even after a pretty long break.

I took the bull by the horns and joined my new gym in late September. I did my very first workout there on the 28th, so exactly five weeks ago today. Boy, that was a demoralising experience - but I sucked it up and just got on with it, even though what I felt like doing was hiding in a corner somewhere.

I could barely manage five pushups in total. My first battle with the elliptical saw me get off in disgust after five minutes - I thought I was going to die. I could just get through 30 seconds of backwards motion and oh, how my legs burned! I was lifting baby weights and could hold a standard plank for only about 40 seconds, and was mortified at my sad efforts.

Fast forward to now - five weeks later - and I've managed to do three sets of ten pushups. Not that impressive, sure, except when you consider that it's a 600% improvement on where I started from. I also fronted up for my leg session yesterday and decided I was bored with the program I'd been doing. So I rummaged through the myriad sheets of paper in the bottom of my gym bag, found one of Liz's old programs and decided to give it a go.

I warmed up with one-and-a-half barbell squats. I knew those were going to hurt so I refrained from adding any plates onto the Olympic bar and boy, was I right - Ouch! Next was a deadlift/rack pull complex and my weights weren't even embarrassing. Not quite my best, but not a long way from it. Then I moved onto step-ups with a plate held overhead - these don't need a heavy weight, but I decided not to be a wuss and stacked ALL of the risers under my step. I skipped the next exercise - hamstring raises from the floor - because: a) I'm pretty sure I can't do those yet; and b) I don't have a partner and there was nothing I could find to wedge my feet under.

The finisher was 30 jump squats. Hmm. I thought about giving them a miss, but told myself to shut up and just do as many as I could. I got to twelve... which is not terrible. I remember it took me a while to work up to thirty the first time I did this program, and I was pretty fit then. I added a couple of BOSU exercises and a couple of planks with arms on a stability ball and feet on a bench (yes!) and then moved onto cardio.

I eyed off the machines and saw my old nemesis, the elliptical, staring at me. I squared my shoulders and stepped up for a rematch. I think I muttered something like You're not beating me this time, Buster! I actually surprised myself. I did intervals of one minute forwards/one minute backwards/one minute forward and in spite of the soaring heart rate, it was almost easy. I interspersed those three minute sets with sets of mountain climbers, pop squats and iso-squats.

Man, that felt good. Well, good might be stretching it a bit - it was a killer workout and I was in some extreme pain, but mentally, it felt good. If there'd been someone nearby (even a total stranger) when I was done, I'd have high-fived them.

I finished with a long stretching session and some foam roller work for my upper back.

It just shows that if you start slowly and push yourself a bit more each session...and don't allow the negative voices to take control... you can achieve a lot of progress in a short time.

I feel bulletproof once more.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Nailing it - day 1

I'm happy with the start I've made in my NOvember challenge.

I had leftovers in the fridge, so lunch was chicken, sweet potato, broccoli and carrots. Tick!

This morning's leg workout was a killer, but I didn't let that stop me ripping out a super cardio workout. I did have to have stern words with my inner princess, but she slunk off when she realised I was serious about this thing. Tick!

I don't need to get up early in the morning (public holiday, yay!), but I'm about to head off to bed now. So Tick to that too!

Great start, Kek! You'll be Kek-alicious in no time.*

* 'Scuse me talking to myself. :p

Faking it...again

The other day I decided that if I want to feel like an athlete, I need to act like an athlete. And of course that means training hard (and regularly) and eating well. But it also refers to the unspoken messages we send. Somewhere inside my head, part of me has still been feeling unworthy. Or something, anyway.

So yesterday I thought about what I can do to turn that negative voice off. I'm still working on The Plan, but for starters, I pulled out my ANB tank top and wore it to the gym. Just the simple act of wearing that competitor's T-shirt made me feel a little more like the real deal.

And I think I'm going to throw my hooker heels in my gym bag and do some posing practice this week while I have extra time available - just for fun. OK, also because I suck at posing and really need to work on it if I'm actually going to step on stage again.

Plus (if this rainy weather ever clears up) I'll start taking my training gear to work 2-3 times a week, so I can do some extra cardio at the park in my lunch break.

I figure that if I train like an athlete, eat like an athlete, look like an athlete and ACT like an athlete, then pretty soon I have to start feeling like an athlete again. I've always been a fan of the Fake it till you make it approach.

If anyone has any other brilliant suggestions, I'm open...