Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I'm trying very hard to find something to feel positive about, but things have been a bit grim over the past week.

First, my nasty virus may have departed, but it's left behind a souvenir in the form of a sinus infection. I feel worse than I did last week, if that's possible. I'm dying to get back to training, but the only activities I'm fit for are sleeping and complaining. *grump*

Then, the weather has been completely and utterly shite. Yes, it's great that the drought has finally broken, but COME ON! We have some major celebrating to do and the forecast for the foreseeable future is: rain, thunderstorms, rain, showers, rain and uh....rain. My party decorations all depend on fine weather (and no, I can't put them up inside the house), the new bar won't even get a run if it's pouring, and The Middle Child is having a BBQ for his 18th birthday, which is kind of weather-dependent too. *whinge*

Thanks to the worst allergy season in recent history, my asthma and eczema have flared up, adding to the general feeling of crappiness. And my face is all dry and scabby, so I'm going to look real pretty for my party.

Now Bike Boy has woken up today with a sore throat. Fantastic. Just what we need.

So, the positive side of all this is..... um... yeah. Exactly.

I'm staying away for a bit until I'm fit for human society. I'll return when The Cranky is safely back in its cage.


Cinders said...

As Melburnians, we are totally allowed to hate on our own weather. It's crazy.
I heard a weird hayfever remedy the other day. They suggested to try and eat some honey made by some bees local to your area as they may contain anti-histemenes. Anything is worth a try. Hope the sun shines for you and you start feeling better soon.

Debstar said...

I'd give you a hug, but ummm well....a snotty, scabby, grumpy Kek doesn't sound real huggable.
Hope you, and the weather, improve soon.

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