Monday, November 01, 2010

Faking it...again

The other day I decided that if I want to feel like an athlete, I need to act like an athlete. And of course that means training hard (and regularly) and eating well. But it also refers to the unspoken messages we send. Somewhere inside my head, part of me has still been feeling unworthy. Or something, anyway.

So yesterday I thought about what I can do to turn that negative voice off. I'm still working on The Plan, but for starters, I pulled out my ANB tank top and wore it to the gym. Just the simple act of wearing that competitor's T-shirt made me feel a little more like the real deal.

And I think I'm going to throw my hooker heels in my gym bag and do some posing practice this week while I have extra time available - just for fun. OK, also because I suck at posing and really need to work on it if I'm actually going to step on stage again.

Plus (if this rainy weather ever clears up) I'll start taking my training gear to work 2-3 times a week, so I can do some extra cardio at the park in my lunch break.

I figure that if I train like an athlete, eat like an athlete, look like an athlete and ACT like an athlete, then pretty soon I have to start feeling like an athlete again. I've always been a fan of the Fake it till you make it approach.

If anyone has any other brilliant suggestions, I'm open...


MTB Girl said...

Great idea Kek, I'm going to follow your lead :)

Oh, and you ARE an athlete!

Clara said...

You know, I'm wondering if you are up for a little accountability? I'm working back through some similar things in terms of consistent mindset and approach. Up for a little game between now and the Christmas holidays?

Kek said...

Dude. Bring it on!

Whatcha got in mind?

Clara said...

Well, what are you looking at in terms of goals? Have you got some particular place you'd like to be by Christmas?

Kek said...

Absolutely. Still need to shift a stubborn 4kg plus I want to be pretty much back to speed in terms of fitness by then. Strength may take a little longer, considering my shoulder restrictions, but I'm OK with that.

I'm aiming for a photo shoot in early 2011 (might not be till about March), so I need to be in decent shape for that. Don't s'pose you fancy the job of photographer? ;)

Clara said...

So that's what..around 10 pounds in US terms?

What are you my fitness twin? Yeeish. ;)

Hmm...we do need to set an example though and not stress about scale weight. I've also got a grumpy elbow I'd like to not bork.

So say 8 weeks starting today/tomorrow depending on your part of the world.

Every whingy post from either of us requires 2 non whingy posts.

Aim for say...a 10 percent improvement in fitness figures? We can each pick a fitness assesment to use and have to do it by end of week?

What else (and the peanut gallery can chime in)

Kek said...


10% improvement...I'll have to record some stats and calculate where I need to be. You're making me do maths! *grumble*

The weight thing is something I've not been freaking out about. But as we both know, if we do what we ought to be doing in terms of health and fitness, the scale numbers will automatically drop anyway.

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