Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hammering away

I haven't forgotten about my NOvember Nailer goals; I've just been a bit distracted by other things, and haven't had a second to blog about them.

To recap, my goals were:

To eat a proper lunch on weekends or other days when I'm at home - specifically, to include veggies.

I've done well on this one - there's only been one occasion when I haven't eaten protein + veggies + good carbs for lunch, and even that wasn't an awful choice.

To get to bed at a decent time so I can get up early to train.

There haven't been any late nights, except on weekends, so I'm giving this one a tick, even if I haven't actually been doing the training part over the past week.

To Go Hard or Go Home with my cardio efforts.

I've definitely nailed this one - Phat Camp certainly helped. LOL. Of course, I've done nothing since, but I have valid reasons. I plan to be back on the bike, giving myself a good thrashing, as soon as this virus clears up. Hopefully, that won't aggravate my ITB.

As for my other fitness goals, well... a couple of them are on hold, but I blitzed my pushup goal at Phat Camp, as well as the squat jump goal. The running will have to wait till my leg is 100%... Stretching was going well too, but that's on the back burner too until I feel human again.

Maybe I'm not exactly where I expected, but I can honestly say that I'm doing my best, and that's all anyone can do.

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