Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy legs

The killer DOMS has receded to the point where it's (mostly) not even bothering me. That's a HUGE difference to my previous three Phat Camps, where it took a week for my poor, poor legs to recover.

The only things I did different were:

1. I wore my Skins to bed on Sunday night. I had an awful night on Saturday, not just with the DOMS waking me every time I moved, but with achey (sp?) legs too. I dragged on my compression tights on Sunday before hitting the sack and slept only a little better, but noticed the difference in my legs the next morning.

2. I drank at least a litre of Xtend each day during Phat Camp. Jen sells Scivation products, and the gym had it on tap for the campers, with a different flavour each day. I use this stuff anyway on weight training days and also when I do an RPM or tough Spinervals workout, but I really had no benchmark for comparing the effects before this. Now I can say that this stuff ROCKS when it comes to aiding recovery. The blue raspberry flavour is pretty good too... that's on my shopping list when my grape runs out.

I've had two rest days, but it was back to the gym this morning for upper body. I was very pleased to see my old mates Delts and Biceps looking back at me in the mirror while I was finishing up with ladder bicep curls. They've been in hiding, but today they came out to play. Welcome back! :)


Shar said...

Oh Kek the leg DOMS are the worst especially trying to sit on and get up from the loo!

Glad its getting better

Shar x

Magda said...

Its always nice to welcome old friends back into your life.

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