Friday, November 26, 2010

Look out, slugs!

Thankfully, the evil snot-virus appears to be departing. I managed a reasonable amount of sleep last night, my throat is only scratchy and dry instead of excruciating, and I can even breathe a bit through my nose. Thank goodness - I don't get sick very often, and I'm utterly miserable on the rare occasions when it happens. In fact, I've whinged so much, I'm even fed up with myself.

The torrential rain over the past 36 hours seems to have temporarily reduced the extreme pollen count that sent my hay fever into overdrive, but my asthma has decided to be a bit troublesome now. Oh well, that's nothing drugs can't fix.

So it's Friday and I'm at home - that has to be a good thing. :) What shall I do? I'm planning a day full of excitement: grocery shopping, washing, maybe a nap, and I need get outside and do a slug patrol - those buggers are making a meal out of my lime and cumquat leaves. Who knows, slug-squishing could even be therapeutic.

Don't you wish you could swap lives with me?


Debstar said...

Kek, save all your egg shells. Crush them up and spread around any area where you might think snails and slugs visit. They do not like going over the little sharp pieces.

kexkez said...

oo slug/snail torture sounds good. go the egg shells. hmm might have to try that

Kek said...

It's been pouring here for a few days now, so the slimy critters are having a party! I just looked out the window and snails and slugs are everywhere (again).

No time to collect eggshells, Deb; as soon as I'e finished my porridge, I'm headng out in my pjs and thongs armed with some serious weapons: my trusty blue pellets.

This means war!

kexkez, not sleeping again? It must be 4:00am in your part of the country?

kexkez said...

you could say that. woke up at about 3.30am Did ahve a 4am start one morning this week as well. sigh.. oh well early night tonight it seems. At least I went to bed last night fairly early. ( around 8)

go get those critters kek!

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