Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Passing the time

Where have I been? Let's see.... working, cleaning (in preparation for the upcoming Significant Birthday), helping Bike Boy finish off our outdoor bar and install garden lighting, and over the past few days, dealing with a nasty virus that's taken up residence in my head and throat. Today, just for extra-bonus joy points, the feral north wind sent my hay fever into overdrive as well. Good times...

I feel so ill, I would have given anything to have taken a sick day today, but I had two separate "things" on at work that I just couldn't miss. Sometimes you really are indispensable. Yay.
:( Tomorrow though, I am not showing up.

End of whinge.

In other news, the Middle Child had his first interview for his shortlisted tertiary courses today. Because his course selections are classified as performing arts subjects, entrance selection doesn't go on VCE scores at all; written application plus interview decides who gets in and who doesn't. He thinks he did well. :) One down, three to go.

Post-Phat Camp, I managed a super upper body session on Wednesday last week. Since then I've done zero, apart from some walking. That's because once the DOMS wore off, I discovered that I'd done something to my left ITB - possibly as a result of all the duck walks or the plyo exercises(?), compounded by my leg length discrepancy and over-pronating feet. That ruled out training legs, or any kind of cardio activity other than walking, while I waited for it to heal. I'm sure it's only minor, but I'm not about to push my luck.

By the time I was set to do upper body again or tackle an RPM class, the snot-virus from hell had descended and frankly, what with the lack of sleep and the inability to breathe, I don't fancy training at all. Even walking doesn't appeal, since it would require my traversing the neighbourhood with a wad of tissues shoved up both nostrils.

So I consulted my trainer (me) and she prescribed rest. Lots of rest. Hopefully, this bug will sod off and bother someone else in a couple of days and my hip, thigh and knee will be as good as new so I can get back to it. I'm not feeling at all guilty about being a slug - sometimes it's the right thing to do.

Meanwhile, I'm passing the time parked on the couch with laptop and remote controls, catching up on recorded TV shows and browsing eBay looking for furniture bargains. So far I've picked up two things that were just what I needed - or will be once I get stuck into them with sander and paintbrush.

I also horrified my family the other day when I started checking out stuff that had been put out on the nature strip for an upcoming hard rubbish collection... (Honestly, the things people chuck out!) I'm seriously considering going back for some chairs that looked just the ticket for our mostly unfurnished lounge. Be afraid, kids....be very afraid. ;)


Charlotte Orr said...

LOL at the 'I consulted my trainer (me)'.
I have been guilty of recycling hard waste...
Hope you feel better soon!

MTB Girl said...

I had a "robust discussion" the other week with Alistair about hard rubbish recycling - some chairs we needed for the covered outdoor entertaining area. He really wasn't comfortable with it :( But I think I have warmed him up for next time :)

LizN said...

Love recycling hard waste - especially James Bond like fish tanks :)
Get better soon!

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