Saturday, November 06, 2010

Rust-free zone

A few months back, I left his comment on Magda's old blog:

I will slap the next person who says "Oh, your body just falls apart as you get older", or "You won't be doing xxxx when you're 50".

I'm bloody 50 in less than four months and I'm not ready to just sit around and knit yet. Or probably ever. LOL.

It's now only four weeks till my 50th birthday and here's what I have planned for the next year:

Phat Camp in a week's time. Two and a half days of killer workouts, with a bunch of positive, health and fitness focused ladies. BOOYAH! Yes, I will be crippled with DOMS for probably a week afterwards, but hell; at least I'll know I'm alive.

A huge celebration on the occasion of clocking up half a century. No way am I letting this occasion slide by, unnoticed. I'll be making as much noise as possible. (Advance apologies to the neighbours...)

The return to full-on crazy-arse fitness and strength. I'm well on the way to this already. I'm not being reckless; I see my physio every week, I listen to his advice, I take breaks at work, and I'm following a graduated approach to training so that I don't do the old snakes-and-ladders act and find myself right back where I started. But I will not be beaten!

Another appearance on the figure stage. No, I'm not going to win. I do this for a lot of reasons, but not because I think I have a hope of taking out the trophy (unless of course nobody else shows up). The main thing for me is that it's a bloody terrifying, exhilarating, awesome leap out of my comfort zone. And for a shy girl, that's a huge challenge. It's not set in stone yet, but I'm aiming for July...

I want to run, I want to lift heavy stuff, I want to be full of energy, well into my sixties and beyond. I do NOT want to be sitting on the couch moaning about my lumbago (I don't even know what that is, to be honest). I don't want to join the "over fifties" activities my local council runs. I spotted a link on their website a while back and thought Ooh - what can I get for nix? I clicked through and found it was all gentle walks and macrame and bus trips to the rose gardens for seniors. As I commented to my GP "I'm turning fifty, not bloody ninety!"

Injuries aside, I'm feeling remarkably young for my years. I look around at other people my age, and listen to them complain about their backs, their necks, their blood pressure and cholesterol and so on. And I realise that my mad exercise addiction is actually helping to keep injuries at bay, not making them more likely. I stop training; I suffer problems with my hip and lower back. I step up the intensity and frequency of training and the pains disappear.

So, like the picture says.... I'd rather wear out than rust. Don't DARE tell me that things change when you turn fifty. I heard that from so many sources when I was about to turn forty - and look at me now. :)


LizN said...

oh damn, so that macrame set I got you for your birthday is going to gather dust then? Sounds like a ripper year planned (and no macrame!)

Sandra said...

Love love love your attitude, Kerryn. I look at my mother in law and am horrified that that could be ME in 30 is so precious, why would you want to spend it moaning and groaning about your bad health and accepting that a 5kg gain a year is "normal" and there's no point watching your diet or exercising hard at "our age".

Clara said...

Rock on with your bad self. ;)

Don't forget, we need to have starting benchmarks by Sunday. *highfive* Let's kick some tail!

Kek said...

Okey dokey, boss! I'll come up with some starting points and post 'em up. Probably tomorrow - got a house to clean and organise for Number One Son's birthday BBQ tonight.

Cherub said...

Love it!

Unknown said...

Yeah- you tell 'em kek! life certainly doesn't end at 50! I saw 50 in with a motorbike ride and I think I'm fitter and stronger now than I ever was in my 30's and 40's and, by golly gosh, I'm fast approaching 60!! hehehehe

Kathryn said...

So true. The sports centre I've started going to in Tokyo is full of old people (maybe cos I go in the middle of the day when everyone else is at work) and the other day I got shamed into running on the treadie cos I couldn't be beaten by the two 80 years old either side of me!

Shauna said...

booyah! onya kek. you're an inspiration always :)

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