Monday, November 08, 2010

Whose fault?

Katie wrote an excellent post yesterday about cause and effect.

One thing that drives me crazy is people who will not take responsibility for their own feelings and subsequent actions. Emotions are funny things - we react instinctively to certain words, people, situations. Although instinct may be the wrong word, because in many cases it's a learned response. And if you've learned something, you can always un-learn it, can't you?

Some days it seems to me that everybody in the whole world wants someone to blame for their problems. Maybe the flip side of that is that they live in hope that "someone" will come and rescue them from those problems, without them having to lift a finger themselves.

Well, you know what? Nobody is coming to rescue you. There is no knight in shining armour, no superhero waiting to swoop in and fix everything that's wrong in your life. As Katie says: Who's driving the bus?

You need to get off your butt and take some kind of action. Accept that you're in control and take a single step towards wherever it is you want to be; that's all it takes to get started. The alternative is, you can stay right where you are, with your anger, disappointment, resentment and regret to keep you company.

As for me, I'm not joining the pity party. I'm busy being my own superhero, as Mizfit would say.


Raechelle said...

Hell yeah! Sing it sista!

LizN said...

amen :)

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