Saturday, December 04, 2010

Celebrations continue

Thanks for the lovely birthday wishes, all. :) I had a very busy day, only managing a few glasses of bubbly last night in the midst of being a semi-responsible parent.

Yesterday was all about The Middle Child, it being not only my fiftieth, but his eighteenth birthday. We put on a small party for him - about 25 of his friends showed up and Bike Boy BBQ-ed up a storm.

OF COURSE, since he had finally reached the legal age for consuming alcohol, the birthday boy overdid it and I got to spend the latter part of my birthday holding my boy's head over a bucket. I doubt he even remembers everyone singing Happy Birthday to him... and his girlfriend had to blow out the candles for him. Poor baby. I suspect he won't repeat the experience in a big rush.

To top it off, his rotten little brother was running around snapping photos of him looking the worse for wear and then posting them on Facebook. There may be bloodshed today.


I plan a slightly more civilised evening for my own celebrations tonight. I shall be keeping myself nice, at least until after the speeches. I'm also quite confident that no bucket will be required.


Magda said...

Hey Kek,

I havent beeon on line much lately but just want to wish you a happy belated 50th. GO GIRL!!!!

XX Magda

The Stark's said...

That's bad, really bad. Putting photos over toilet bowls on Facebook. Just as bad as putting them on your blog ;)

Hope you had a fabulous par-tay and drank more than a few champas.

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