Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in brief

8:00am wake up, home-smoked ham on toast for breakfast, gift-opening, early drinks with the in-laws, lunch with my family, home and relaxing by 5:00pm.

I was spoiled, with lots of lovely gifts. A new camera bag, Gold Class vouchers, DVDs, and more. But the one that I was most thrilled with? A cellophane bag of peanut butter Lindor Balls. I often complain that Bike Boy doesn't listen to me, but he proved me wrong, hunting down the elusive treats at the Lindt shop (who knew there even was such a thing??) and surprising me with them.

Now it's onto Boxing Day - some shopping, a BBQ with friends, cricket on TV and the holidays stretching ahead of me.


Fifi said...

haha hands up who else got Call of Duty Black Ops for Christmas! ummm

LizN said...

I haven't eaten any of my Peanut Butter LINDOR balls yet :) Looking forward to it though. Merry Christmas!

Kek said...

I had to taste-test them last night, Liz. Only one though.... I'm saving them for special treats.

Frankie, it's a daily killing spree in our house. Between the electronic games and the Nerf guns, someone's always shooting someone else. I gave up trying to exert my pacifist influence years ago. *sigh*

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