Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Since Bike Boy and I both have this week off, we took the opportunity to pay an overnight visit to some friends on their house boat at Lake Eildon. I was a sloth: snoozed on a sun lounge, read a couple of magazines, played with my camera, drank champagne and just sat around enjoying some excellent company.

The Baby was more active, having a go at a few things he'd never tried before: wake boarding (didn't quite get the hang, but he gave it a good bash before he got too cold), driving the inflatable dinghy, a ride on a jetski, and discovering that it is possible to have a good time without a Playstation.

The weather was perfect, but I was a bit too blase about the sunshine and copped some nasty sunburn on my shoulders and chest. Ouch.

Our taxi service from the shore:

The Baby paddling his own canoe:

And hitching a ride on a jetski:

The men did the cooking. Bike Boy whipped up a Thai curry of mussels, prawns and calamari, among other delights:

Our view:

And looking towards the neighbours at sunset:

That's all the holidays we'll be having for now, although I have plenty more time off. We're planning an excursion a bit further afield later in the year though. Bali's looking good. :)


Back home and back to normal...

This morning, I took myself off to the gym. I had planned to train legs, but my left leg is still not right... looks like a job for Peter the Physio. Lucky I'm seeing him this afternoon. So I changed plans and did an upper body workout instead. I dialled things down a notch or two, since it's now been a month since I've done any real training, but I think I'll pull up a bit sore tomorrow. I'll just gradually increase the intensity again - I expect to be back to where I was within a couple of weeks.

I wasn't thrilled by my reflection in the mirror. The pants I chose to wear have a very snug waistband, resulting in the Christmas bloat showing up as a couple of extra rolls above and below. Nice. But I know that will disappear quickly over the next week or two, so whatever... Meanwhile, those pants won't be coming out of the drawer for a little while.

To distract myself from the mirror's image, I spent the time between sets looking around the gym, and found that the view was very, very nice today. I like holidays...


Kerry W said...

Hee....hee...sounds like the perfect ending to a perfect holiday...nice views! :P Way to go Kek! :)

Unknown said...

It's been ages since Eildon looked like that!!! Must pay it a visit. As for the christmas rolls- it must be catching!!!

LizN said...

THe views are really nice Kek - hope your leg sorts itself out soon! xox

Kek said...

Linda, I never realised how close it actually is - only an hour and a half for us; probably less for you.

The lake's at around 75% capacity, the highest the water level's been in 14 years. It was absolutely beautiful - we were moored over near Howqua, well away from the crowds at Eildon and Bonnie Doon etc, so there was plenty of serenity going around. :)

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