Monday, December 13, 2010

Not going to plan

After the past few activity (and illness) filled weeks, this week was the one where I was supposed to catch up on a few things and get back into my normal training routine. I should know better than to make plans...

Sleep is still being elusive, the washing machine has decided to break down, and Bike Boy discovered the driver's side mirror on his car smashed to smithereens when he arrived at the railway station car park tonight. Aargh! I now need to fit urgent hand washing into my evening routine until the repair guy comes on Wednesday, plus play taxi tomorrow while the mechanic has the car to fit a new mirror. I also have a hairdresser appointment tomorrow night at 6:00, which I can't cancel because I'm beginning to look like Cousin It. I'm scaring myself every time I look in the mirror.

Thanks to the lack of sleep, my tolerance level for anything remotely inconvenient is at an all-time low. BUT... in between washing, ironing and dealing with eBay transactions, I managed to squeeze in a walk tonight. That may not quite be up there with the RPM class I had planned for the morning, but it's better than nothing. Especially when it includes scrambling up and down steep river embankments.

I learned long ago that when things go really pear-shaped, you just have to do the best you can and not waste any time feeling guilty about what isn't getting done. RPM will still be there next week.

Tonight I'll be taking every sleep remedy I can find and going to bed early in my quest for a decent night's sleep. I'm also switching my one coffee a day to decaf. *cringe* I know coffee isn't the problem, but cutting it out can't hurt, can it?


Unknown said...

Wow, I'm tired just reading what you've got on at the moment. Hope you survive the week ;o)

Friday said...

I drink decaf now (coffee junkie) and it honestly doesnt taste any different.

Scouts honour!

I hope a good nights sleep comes soon, I cant friggin sleep either and right now I want to lie on the floor of my office. Im THAT tired.


LizN said...

Hope you're sleeping better - the humidity up here doesn't help :)
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