Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vegemite etiquette

I fancied a muffin with butter and Vegemite for breakfast this morning, just for a change. I unscrewed the lid of the jar and discovered this:

Apparently, my children need lessons in how to use a jar of Vegemite.

1. Dip your knife into the lovely black goo and take just a little bit.
2. Spread on your toast.
3. If the Vegemite isn't thick enough, repeat steps 1 & 2.

That's it. Nowhere do these instructions say: Stick your knife in and take a HUGE glob, spread half of it on your toast and then return the buttery, crumb-filled mess to the inside of the jar, thus causing the next user of the salty spread to gag.

Are you paying attention, family?


Shar said...


I have lots of these that happen around here, perhaps it could become a regular post.....
"_________ Etiquette"

I would start with the tiolet roll!!

Sara said...

Coffee Machine etiquette. If the water tank needs filling or the dregdraw needs emptying, do not just decide to postpone your morning espresso knowing that the next person to encounter the machine will sort the problem for you.

LizN said...

That's just wrong (and awfully familiar!)

Debstar said...

Breadcrumbs and vegemite left in the margarine tub is equally disgusting.

Casey said...

some mofo did this to my vegemite at work, except they managed to empty the whole container and ONLY leave the manky edge bits. soo not excited.

Sara said...

I don't even know what vegemite IS! But I want some...

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