Monday, January 31, 2011

Back in harness

My lovely long five-week break had to come to an end unfortunately, so today marks my first day back at the office. I enjoyed my holiday, but I'm feeling remarkably positive about getting back to work. For one thing, it means a return to my usual routine - and as I've mentioned several times, I'm a creature of habit and I work far better with a bit of structure in my life most of the time.

The other reason I'm OK with putting my nose to the grindstone again is that I've finally resolved the issues that plagued me all through last year: the insomnia, the emotional craziness, the anxiety and the horrible overwhelmed feeling that dogged me. Thank goodness for modern medicine!

I have some plans for 2011; nothing earth-shattering, mind you, and I'll be mindful of not taking on too much at once. But after a break of several months, I've started work on firing up my business again. Some of you may have seen my new Fitbodies Facebook page. There isn't much there yet, but it's a start. I'm going to be taking on a handful of online coaching clients and just a few for one-on-one sessions at my studio here, or outdoors in the beautiful surroundings I'm blessed to have. And just quietly, I'm really excited about it. :)

I'm also planning to attend Filex - Liz and I are plotting to bunk in together and cause some mayhem in Sydney, as well as learn some new stuff (and collect some of the CECs required for our professional registration).

On a personal level, this year will be focused on rehabbing my injuries and eventually rebuilding my strength and cardio fitness to pre-injury levels. I'm enlisting the help of my physiotherapist, my osteopath, and I hope to get myself signed up for some coaching as well. Accountability makes a huge difference.... not to mention the fact that I hate doing my own training programs.

So this week, I'm back to early starts, with some training first up, then several hours of being chained to a desk. Oh well, a lunchtime walk always helps to blow away the cobwebs.

And it's only six weeks to the next long weekend. :)

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Magda said...

Welcome back to the grind Kek. I had a mini break of the 2 days after Australia Day and was almost as excited about those as I was having 2 1/2 weeks off earlier. Anyways gotta pay the bills so being chained to a desk is not negotiable.

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