Saturday, January 01, 2011

The beginning

New Year's Day, fresh start, blah, blah, blah...

No, actually, I like the start of a new year. It always seems full of promise for things that might be, as well as drawing the curtains on whatever crap happened during the previous twelve months. Or, if you're one of those insufferable people, it's good for reflecting on all the awesome stuff you achieved. (OK, thanks for reminding me that I've been one of those insufferable people in the past. You can just shut up now.)


For me, 2010 was a bit of a mix of good and bad and a lot of mediocre. Meh. So I'm happy to move right along. Go on now, nothing to see here...

Highlights? *sigh* If you insist. Let's see:

- Our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and a fabulous few days away in celebration thereof.

- Ten years in my current employment - which means LONG SERVICE LEAVE. *does the happy dance of infinite time off work*

- My fourth Phat Camp. Loved it, smashed myself stupid (and injured my ITB. Oops) and met some beautiful ladies.

- Fiftieth birthday. Big. Fracking. Achievement.

- Once more surviving the madness that is living with a teenager doing Year 12.

Hmm. There were other highlights, but I cannot for the life of me remember what they were. Whatevs. It wasn't a great year, but there were plenty of good bits.

Before I move onto 2011 and in the interests of accountability, I need to post up the results of a li'l challenge I entered into with Clara.

1. I hit my pushup goal. Go me. Actually, I did approximately seventy bajillion pushups over the Phat Camp weekend, and then went and got sick and haven't done another one since. *ahem* Guess what I'm doing tomorrow...?

2. Running. Big talk, little action. Yes, I got to 20 minutes. No, I did not get to 30 minutes. ITB kinda got in the way. Bugger.

3. Squat jumps. See #1.

4. Stretching. OMG-what-was-that?? Look-THAT-over-there!!!! *points distractingly in the opposite direction* No, I did not stick to this one. I can blame a dozen things, but basically, I was slack. I'm back into it now, I promise.

Well, two achieved, one missed through no fault of my own and the last one? No excuse at all. Oh well.

Clara committed to a few things too, and I'm going to post 'em here, with her report. Because I can. :)

1) Overhead Squat test. Shoulders and arms fall forward, chest collapses in, knees crack on the way down. Heels don't stay on floor, knees cave in. In short, my squat is borked. Looking to improve all areas.

Heels stay flat, chest up, knees holding steady better. Still drop on multiple squats. No cracking!

2) Wall slide test. Unable to get arms overhead. No pain, but tightness in shoulders, hands try to come off wall.

Arms up, shoulders staying on wall.

3) Hover plank test- 13 seconds. I've been doing 15 with effort. So a 10 percent gain would be 16.5 so that's 17 seconds.

20 seconds

4) Dumbell deadlifts- 20 pounds. Looking for 25 pounds by end of deadline (I don't have a 2.2 weight floating around here so we shall round)

Hit! 25 pounds

5) Pushups 1 minute test- 32 on knees. This one is slightly different then, either 35 on knees OR 5 full body.

10 full body! Rock on with my bad self. Yay for not sore elbow.

6) Single leg balance touch- R leg 25, L leg 25. Wobbly, and had to put both feet down a couple times. Goal is 30 per leg, no wobbles. I'm looking for equal strength here.

still wobbly. But better. Rt leg hit 15 before I had to put foot down, left was 12. But foot down only once on each. 30 total, room to improve.

7) Bent arm hang- 5 seconds. Goal is 7 seconds per hang.

12 second hang.

At least someone got something out of this challenge. *high fives Clara*

Now I'm set to make some improvements in a few areas. I'll post about those tomorrow though.

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Unknown said...

i love the beginning of a new year too! A fresh start, full of promise and potential. And I love, love, love making new year resolutions!

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