Monday, January 17, 2011

Blessed sleep

FINALLY. I've managed two decent nights' sleep IN A ROW. This is major cause for celebration! I've been battling sleep issues for months now - apparently all part of the super-fun hormonal circus that we ladies of a certain age get to experience.

Over the past year, I've tried every herbal remedy I could get my hands on - at least the ones that weren't likely to mess with my already below-par liver function. I cut out coffee, ditched alcohol, Googled desperately for anything that might help... but still couldn't crack it for a decent stretch of unbroken sleep. Training was spasmodic because I couldn't drag myself out of bed, I was cranky, tearful and indecisive, and my appetite and cravings were out of control; all the usual results of severe sleep deprivation.

In desperation last week, I took myself off to see my GP. We discussed HRT and dismissed it. The benign lesions on my liver that have been behaving themselves for the past seven years or so *may* be negatively influenced by oestrogen, and I'm not about to risk that. After a long discussion about the pros and cons, I agreed to trial an antidepressant. No, I'm not depressed (although I may well be teetering on the brink of insanity after months of next to no sleep), but these drugs have been found to reduce hot flushes. So the doc gave me a prescription and a good old heart to heart about being kind to myself, listening to my body and taking it easy when I need to, plus trying some relaxation exercises.

The first few days on the drugs were a bit odd. There was an immediate improvement in the hot flushes, but the minor side effects were a bit disconcerting. The main one was that I was constantly yawning - very weird. It's been seven days now and all that seems to have settled down, but best of all, a couple of blissfully undisturbed nights have made me feel amost human again.

Today I'm going to make the most of a day free of commitments and a surplus of energy, and get this house ship-shape. The weather looks dodgy too, so indoor activities are definitely on the agenda. First though, I'm off to do a short Pilates workout.



Kathryn said...

Are you sure the yawning was a side effect of the drug and not a side effect of no sleep?

Glad to hear it's working for you. Lack of sleep is pure torture.

Kek said...

Nope, definitely the drug. It's a known side effect and it was bizarrely different to "normal" yawning. All my muscles in my jaw, neck and throat felt quite odd. Mostly gone now, thank goodness. :)

Shar said...

Mmmmmm, sleep, whats that!!

After being pregnant for 9 months, then having bubs, then falling pregnant again and obviously another baby to come soon, I seem to have lacked in the sleep department too, all worth it though :)

Glad you found a solution that seems to have helped already and heres to some more restful nights for you kek.


Casey said...

glad it seems to be doing the job so far. One of the ladies that works with me started some anti-depressants for the same thing, said it was the best thing she ever did.

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