Thursday, January 27, 2011

Free stuff! Yippee!

I read Craig Harper's blog regularly, but I rarely comment. Not because I have nothing to say, but because ....well, he's famous, he usually gets seven thousand comments per post and like many people, I tend to suffer from a slight case of "He wouldn't be interested in my opinion".

I find this happens a lot with the more popular blogs that I read. I don't know why I allow myself to believe that my comments matter less than any of the other billion or so commenters. No logical reason at all, really. One of those stupid self-limiting beliefs.


Last week I actually left a comment. Oh, yes I did. The topic was parenting - more specifically, over-protective parents and whether as a society we are adequately preparing our kids for life. I'm not a perfect parent. Hell, we just went off for the weekend without telling our eldest we were going away. But we've tried to nurture our kids without coddling them, to give them the skills to cope with adult life, and to make them self-reliant, whilst still loving them to bits.

So I thought I was a bit qualified to comment, and it seems that Craig liked something I wrote, because I WON A SIGNED COPY OF HIS NEW BOOK. I was planning on buying it; just hadn't got around to it yet. I mean, how could I not want a self-help book titled Stop F*cking Around!?

If you're interested, my comment is over here. Scroll way down, to somewhere near the bottom of the forty-odd comments and you'll find it. And do me a favour; if you spot the typo, please ignore it. ;)

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LizN said...

Way to go Kek! Loved the comment and love your work :) Enjoy the book!


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