Monday, January 03, 2011

Got my L-plates back on

Bike Boy spent a fair chunk of his time these holidays pimping my ride - uh, that would be upgrading my Subzero.

He found me a bargain pair of road bike shoes a while back, but since he needed to swap my pedals for clip thingies (I'm right up with the technical terms; can you tell?) I hadn't had a chance to test them out.

With all the work now done, it was time to strap on those shoes and give it a whirl. I had a practice run at clipping and unclipping with the bike on the trainer and it wasn't too hard. Yes, I did realise that it's a whole other ball game when you don't have a trainer holding the bike up and you're actually moving. On an actual road.

Bike Boy warned me "You will fall off; everybody does", which made me nervous...but I took it for a very short spin on New Year's Day - just around the block - without mishap. Cue feelings of smugness.

So yesterday, I thought I'd give it another bash; get some practice in around our neighbourhood before I attempt anything further afield. I wheeled my ride down the driveway and got myself clipped in and moving without any dramas. I'd gone no more than 30 metres down the street when I had the horrific realisation that I wasn't wearing my helmet. Crap. I'd better just pop back and get it.

Apparently when I'm cycling I can only concentrate on one thing at a time. I was so busy dealing with the whole OMG, I'm breaking the law thing, that I wasn't thinking of anything else. I instinctively braked to a stop... and then had a nano-second to think Shit. I'm clipped in before I just tipped over sideways onto the road. I bet it would have looked hilarious to anyone passing by.

My right knee copped a nice graze and my ankle twisted at a bit of a funny angle, but I think I dented my pride more than anything else. I limped back home, strapped on my helmet and set off again. I figured I'd better practice unclipping a few times, so picked an uninhabited road and gave it a go. Success! I stopped, got my right foot on the road, and somehow managed to go A over T again. With one foot on the ground? What a champion!

Perhaps I'll practise riding around on a nice grassy oval for a while till I get this down pat.


Casey said...

well i'm just glad you didn't break anything.P.s - the bike does like mighty snazzy!

Unknown said...

You're a braver person than me- which wouldn't be hard in any case! You will now be ranked among the 'up and coming professionals!!!!'
Good luck with the clips.

Spunky Britches said...

*sniggers* Sorry Kek but I have done the same thing soooo many times. I usually last the entire ride, stopping and unclipping at red lights etc only to fall A over T when I get home. I get my right foot out, forget my left is still locked in and lean to the left to step down know the rest ;-)

We will get the hang of it sooner or later, so 'my' bike boy tells me.

LizN said...

oh you poor dear. Don't worry, when I first got my cleated shoes, I turned up to RPM half an hour early so I could make sure I could get in and out without looking like a dork.

yublocka said...

I've fallen twice now too in my cleats. First time my friend tried to make me feel better by saying our other friend had fallen over 4 times whilst learning. Uh, no thanks!! Good luck and I hope you're back on the bike soon!!!

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