Friday, January 21, 2011

The intrepid explorer

I was out for a walk the other night, and decided to take a different route than usual, through an area I hadn't explored before. Up until a few months ago, we weren't easily able to get through to the neighbouring estate, as the two areas are divided by a long billabong. Now that more roads have been constructed and a bridge has finally been opened, I've been checking out some new sights.

Less than ten minutes' walk from home, I spotted this path, leading through a long strip of natural bushland, and followed it to see where it went.

It's been nicely landscaped to complement the bush setting.

I wandered along it, enjoying the sounds of the frogs croaking away in a boggy patch nearby and watching flocks of squawking galahs fly overhead. Then I rounded a corner ...and discovered THIS:

My heart started beating faster, then a little further along, I found THIS:



I was almost peeing my pants by this time, I was so excited. There was also THIS:


And THIS (which I'm not exactly sure what it's meant for....but I'll think of something):

I was laughing out loud by this time. I'm sure the dog-walkers who passed by must have thought I was nuts. But Oh. My. GOD. It's my very own neighbourhood fitness circuit. Squeeeeee!!

And all the while, you're surrounded by views like this:

And if you take the roundabout way home to cool down, you can visit the kangaroos:

I LOVE my neighbourhood!

Then I remembered that I can't actually DO very much at the moment. No running, no step-ups, no chins, not much at all, really... But I'm busy planning a training session based around what I can do - some pushups, dips, inverted rows, crunches... maybe even mountain climbers and modified bench jumps. Definitely a few things with a band.

Can't wait to test it out.


Andrea said...

Cool! You could do jump-ups on those blue circular things, if they're large enough. Wow. Jumping up from a sandy base, nonetheless!

Unknown said...

hehehehe- sounds as though your mojo is well and truly back!!

Charlotte Orr said...

Cool! And very scenic!

Magda said...

Love your neighbourhood Kek. And it comes with a free outdoor gym. BONUS.

Gillian said...

Can I come and live with you??? How incredibly beautiful, and what a fantastic place to run!!!


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